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I'm really excited about what's coming to my shop over the next few months, but especially today! I'm also excited about some changes you may have noticed at my shop. First, the URL. Instead of being at www.shopjoy42.com, I've moved my shop to www.joy42blog,com/shop. Why you ask? It's not as clear and succinct, but it allows for me to host my shop in the same place I host my blog. It makes it easier for me behind the scenes, and keeps you all in one place between my shop and blog. Hooray!

You may have noticed in my first two collections, I N S P I R E and L A U G H, the common denominator is my desire to bring positivity into your lives, homes, offices, etc. Whether it's to inspire you to be your best self or an attempt to make you laugh, the goal remains the same.

My third collection, B E, focuses on the same thing, but it's easily my favourite collection to date. Today I'm launching twelve new prints with a similar design and a simple concept. From the twelve you can choose from, you can hone in on your best qualities or traits you aspire to be and let my artwork serve as a daily reminder on your wall that you are those things.

You are BEAUTIFUL. Be beautiful.

You are BRAVE. Be brave.

You are CURIOUS. Be curious.

You are GRACEFUL. Be graceful.

You are HOPEFUL. Be hopeful.

You are HUMBLE. Be humble.

You are KIND. Be kind.

You are MIGHTY. Be mighty.

You are POSITIVE. Be positive.

You are PRAYERFUL. Be prayerful.

You are THOUGHTFUL. Be thoughtful.

You are YOU. Be you.

You might also notice these prints are at a higher price point than some of my past prints. That's because each of these designs was hand-painted and hand-lettered by me. While it took more work and more tries to get right, it was also really fun for me to create and try different watercolour techniques and letters. That being said, colour customisation is not available for these prints. However, if you would like a custom print, there is an option available in my shop that you can purchase and we can work together to bring your concept to life on the page.

All of these prints are now available in my shop, as well as the prints from my first two collections, including some updated designs, like CHANGE and LIMBO.

Our Master Bedroom

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You may have noticed I did my Home Tour post back in April and never followed up with a Part II. I've been putting it off for four months apparently and now I'm officially throwing in the towel. My original intention was to complete our Home Tour by showing off the upstairs, but then I wrote 3 Ways to Elevate Your Guest Room and there went half my Part II post. Upstairs, we have three bedrooms, a tiny bathroom, and a tiny closet. Neither the closet nor the bathroom are worth documenting. (In fact, I don't even know how I would take photos of our bathroom because I can barely fit in it myself, let alone with a camera.) And our study/spare room has become more of a junk room, if I'm being honest. I'm not trying to hide our mess, because believe me, we have it, I just don't think it's worth dedicating half of a blog post to showing off our piles of stuff, our boxes of Christmas decorations, our suit cases that we have no where else to store, or our sad looking book shelf.

Instead, I decided to focus on the good vibes only. So I'm talking all about our master bedroom today. This is undoubtedly where we've invested the most money in our year (plus) of living in our house. When we moved in last summer, we bought a bed, mattress, wardrobe, and vanity, but also decided to upcycle some Freecycle finds, like the drawers and bedside tables.

Master Bedroom Home Decor

If you're interested, you can scroll down to the bottom for some updates on our home since my first Home Tour.

We essentially had to decide how we were going to set up the room the day we brought home our first IKEA haul. With the former fireplace leaving two little nooks on one wall, and the window on the front, it limited where we could put our triple wardrobe. What we decided that day is what we've had the whole time we've lived in this house, and even though we've talked about moving stuff around once or twice, I'm not really interested in moving that wardrobe until we move house.

In the past, and possibly because I lived at my mom's house, I always had a desk and bookshelves in my room. I can't remember the last time I had a chest of drawers to hold my clothes, to be honest. But here, where you're lucky to even have one closet in your house, wardrobes and drawers are absolutely necessary. 

As I mentioned, we got the drawers from Freecycle. They were already white and had long brass handles, but I repainted it just to make it look a little fresher. (See before and after photos on my Home Update post.) I also switched out the handles for ceramic knobs that I found on Amazon. Obviously that's as far as I got with my upcycling of this particular piece. The original plan was for Luke to realign the knobs to be centred from the top two drawers and fill in the holes. We're clearly not in a rush to finish, and honestly I notice the slant of the drawers more than the off-centred knobs or the holes, so I'm not too bothered. My sister and brother-in-law have a chest of drawers I've always loved, the HEMNES from IKEA, and it's the style I would want to look for down the road when we're looking to upgrade our drawers.

I have a vanity in our bedroom because--fun fact--bathrooms don't have plugs in most British homes. Newer builds would have an outlet for an electric razor (with a lower voltage and different holes), but the only time I've been able to plug in my curling iron or hair dryer in a bathroom over here is in a new hotel. Anyway, I chose the BRIMNES from IKEA since it was small and simple, but someday I'd love to upgrade to something more vintage looking. (Can we talk about how my friend Kelsey's is seriously #vanitygoals?) The top opens up to reveal the mirror and some storage to accompany the drawer on the left side. Luke added some upgrades by attaching a power strip to the inside and a hook to hang my curling iron on the outside. I opted for a small stool from IKEA (no longer available, it appears) and painted the legs light green to add a bit of colour to the room.

And now for the aforementioned wardrobe. It looks like it's no longer available on IKEA which is a bummer because I absolutely love it. (I only wish it had better support across the pack.) Luke uses the third on the left and I've laid claim to the other two thirds that open into the same section. It works out okay since Luke only needs to hang up his shirts, while I have both shirts and dresses that need to be hung. He keeps nearly all his clothes in there and just rotates what's in the front of his shelves based on season.

For the first time in quite a while, I've also had to rotate my wardrobe based on season because I have limited hanging space. (Though I'm ashamed to say I have many more clothes than this, taking up most of the chest of drawers, two drawers under the bed, and most of the closet in the hall.) I recently added the drawers (FLARRA from IKEA) to keep some dressier shoes, trainers, and sandals. Basically not everyday shoes. I store my tall riding boots in the bottom, as well as some wardrobe upkeep items like a steamer, leather polish, and a suede brush, and there's still space. I keep some light cardigans I often wear to work, some bandannas and delicate scarves, and a few other accessories on the top shelf. 

Okay, the best part of our bed is the EVE mattress. Our mattress is actually made from the clouds in heaven, I'm sure of it. Just this week we were talking about how we're so spoiled we can always feel the imperfections in other mattresses when we're away from home. It's a curse, but it's so worth it. Anyway, our bed is a double, which is big enough for us, even though we could have fit a bigger bed in our room. The frame, the KOPARDAL from IKEA, is amazing because it stays so cool in the summertime since it's metal. When it's really hot, I just touch my foot to the side of the frame and it's like it instantly cools me off. We currently have a £10 quilt from the grocery store (yup, seriously) on our bed, but in the winter we switch it out for our goose down duvet so we're nice and cozy.

Our friends gave us the bedside tables, which I believe are originally from IKEA. I painted them last summer as a part of our Home Update, and I love the finished result. I replaced the plain silver knobs to match the knobs on our dresser and I love how the blue details compliment the lighter blue paint. The lamps are from--you guessed it--IKEA. If this were our forever home and how our bedroom would always be set up, I would want to find two matching chests of drawers to use as our bedside tables, like the smaller HEMNES from IKEA. It would give us both more storage and fill out those nooks a little better. Of course our bed would need to be a bit taller though.

On my side, I have another Freecycle project to store my under garments and some other things. This project needed the most work since the drawers aren't on tracks and it was not in good shape when Luke found it. He did quite a lot of work with a planer and sandpaper to get the drawers to open and close properly. In addition to the paint job I gave it, I lined the drawers with contact paper. On the top, I keep a few treasures, like my dried wedding bouquet and a photo of me and my bridesmaids. I also keep my clay cat and a jewellery box my friend brought me back from Africa.

We don't have a ton up on our walls, in any room really. But, you know, #renterproblems. However, we've added two mini gallery walls in our bedroom. Above my vanity, we have some prints I made with a watercolour print of a lion I found online. Luke and I both went to these retreats, The Crucible Project and Soul Beauty respectively, and these are daily reminders of the work we did while we were there and the truths we keep with us every day. I love that its the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning and the last thing I see before I go to sleep. (Other than Luke's face of course!)

On our side wall, we recently added three prints from our wedding and I'm o b s e s s e d. I had the photos printed at 8x10, imagining them in matching frames with large mounts, but the IKEA here usually goes by centimetres instead of inches and doesn't always have the same standard frame sizes. So while we were in Colorado, we bought three frames from Target and brought them back in our suitcase padded with our clothes and putting our bag dangerously close to the weight limit. It was worth it though, because in the end, we ended up with exactly what I imagined.

So there you have it. I love our master bedroom and the work we've put in to make it what it is. And I love that it's basically an IKEA showroom.


Maybe you saw my DIY Bar Cabinet post, but we've further updated that area of the kitchen. We had one shelving unit (VILTO from IKEA), that was at the end of our cabinet, but before our First of July BBQ, I moved it next to the bar cabinet so it wouldn't get knocked. After the BBQ, we realised we kind of liked it there, but I wanted a second shelf to balance out the two sides and to show of more of our beautiful wedding gifts.

I think I mentioned in my home tour post that I wanted Luke to add a floating shelf in our kitchen to be our coffee and tea bar. It was a slow moving project since it took a while to find the leather straps, but it's finally up and I couldn't be happier. It clears SO MUCH space on our counter, which was been really nice. It helps it feel less cluttered and with our small kitchen, every inch of counter space counts.


In an interest to not only show you the highlights, the picture-perfect, the staged, I'll show you the rest. Or at least our messy study/junk room, the tiny closet, and tiny bathroom:

LAUGH | New on Shop Joy42

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Two months ago, I launched my online store, Shop Joy42. I'm so thankful to those who have checked out my shop and those who have purchased from my shop. It's been such a fun endeavour so far and I'm looking forward to what's to come.

Today, I'm launching a new capsule collection that I'm calling L A U G H.

My first collection, I N S P I R E, came to life from my desire to share positivity and encouragement. Likewise, this collection has come to life from my desire to make people laugh and share my sense of humour and what brings me joy. It's a smaller collection, but I've drawn inspiration from some of my favourite shows and I'm so please with how everything has turned out. I've also dabbled a bit in (digital) hand-lettering and water colouring, which you'll see in two of the prints.

INSPIRED is a quote from one of my favourite TV characters of all time, Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec. She's a feminist icon, she's the posterwoman for happiness, she loves waffles, and she kicks butt at work and in her relationships. Since Leslie works in government, I decided to do my own take on a campaign poster, and hopefully one that will make you laugh and motivate you to be inspired by yourself. 

LIMBO is a quote from The Office's Michael Scott. And who doesn't love Michael Scott? He's a bit of a fool, you kind of feel sorry for him, but every now and then he says something so profound you think he should definitely finish his book, Somehow I Manage. This quote is one of them. I knew I wanted to include a quote from The Office since no matter how many times I see it, I always laugh out loud, but it was a struggle to choose just one, or even narrow it down to one character. This one is one of the quotes that stands the test of time and truly deserves to be hanging on your wall.

MASCULINITY is one of the catch-phrases, so to speak, from my favourite podcast, My Favorite Murder. I knew I wanted to include something from that podcast since I just spent the last five months listening to it almost every day. Karen and Georgia have so many one-liners and offer so much great life advice, mostly about how to stay sexy and not get murdered. That podcast has truly changed the way I perceive the world and the people in it (for the better!) and allowed me to do a lot of introspection, learning a lot about myself. Not to mention they're sure to make me laugh. So much of what they say is at least loosely murder-related since it is a true crime podcast after all, but this quote seems to transcend true crime and just simply makes sense, doesn't it? 

QUOTE is just plain satire. As I create things for you to hang on your walls, I also want to laugh at myself a bit. Look at it as the [insert inspirational quote here] piece your perfectly curated gallery wall is missing. 

YES is probably my favourite piece from this collection. I can't even begin to explain to you how much I love Liz Lemon from 30 Rock and Tina Fey from real life. And this quote just speaks to me as I become more and more of an introvert and a hermit every day. 30 Rock definitely got weird over the years, but it was always good for a laugh, and occasionally good for a new life philosophy. I created the lemon slice pattern that serves as the background, which was such a fun experience.