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Friday Five 1.27

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Since I'm just easing back into blogging, I figured I'd do a monthly Friday Five post on the final Friday of each month. It might make it more difficult because I have to narrow the month down into five favorite things, but maybe it would be hard to come up with five things each week.

o n e | Brianne Haagenson Photography | She grew up with my older sister and has been a professional photographer for years now and my dream photographer since I first saw one of her photos. The way she captures light is unparalleled and she beautifully showcases the life in her photos. As Luke and I began to talk more and more about what a future wedding might look like, we decided that no matter where we settle, we'll get married in the UK. So when it started to look like it would be far too expensive for Brianne to photograph our wedding, I decided to do something crazy and schedule a mini shoot with her during Luke's visit. The day we did it was freezing, but it had just snowed the night before so it was beautiful. She was able to get a lot of really great photos in just 30 minutes and sent them to us the next day. It was nice to get some great quality photos together since being long distance, we don't get many photos together at all.

t w o | Everlane | I've been trying to be more conscious of my clothing choices lately. I often find myself reaching for jeans and the same Madewell v-neck tee I have in a dozen colors every time I wear "real clothes". So I'm challenging myself to consider what I actually want my style to be and figure out how I can work with what I've already got to create that. However, I did fall in love with these oxfords, which have proven to be the perfect shoes that I've been searching for since I worked in an office. From what I can tell, Everlane seems to be a great company and I can't complain about getting real Italian leather shoes for a fraction of the price!

t h r e e | La La Land | Obviously this movie is all the rage right now. It won a record-breaking seven Golden Globes earlier this month, both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling got SAG Award nominations for this weekend, and earlier this week it was nominated for a record-tying fourteen Academy Awards. I hadn't seen a trailer for it when I went to see it earlier this month, so I actually had no idea it was a musical. Luke and I planned to see it at approximately the same time one day. His viewing started 45 minutes after mine, but it still kinda felt like we saw it together. Or at least as close we could get being so far apart. I can't wait to get the soundtrack on vinyl for the record player I bought Luke at Christmas.

f o u r | Understanding the Affordable Care Act | The Everygirl published a post about titled "This is What's Actually Happening with the Affordable Care Act (and What It Means for You)". It was great to read through what's going on explained simply. With politics in this day and age, it seems to be difficult to sift through all the information we receive (most of which comes with a bias) to figure out what's truly going on and how it will actually effect real Americans. If you're confused or concerned about what's happening with health care right now, check out this post because it will shed some light on the situation for you.

f i v e | photo of the month | I want to share my favorite photo from the month, just because I don't blog a whole lot right now, so why not? My favorite photo is actually the one on the right in the above collage, but I also really love this photo. Luke and I had gone to the store to get ingredients to make dinner together on his final evening here. I had to step outside of the store to try to get cell service, and when I came back in, I found him eyeing the flowers. He picked these out for me because yellow and orange roses are my favorite. These are the first flowers he's ever bought for me and it was so nice to be able to come home to them days after he had gone back to England.