Hannah Drake

January 2017 Goals

Self CareHannah Drake

{ S P I R I T U A L }
December 2016: Go to church every weekend this month. 0/2
January 2017: Find a new daily devotional. 

{ F I N A N C I A L }
December 2016: Get my credit card's outstanding balance under $1,000. 2/2
January 2017: Eat out at lunch no more than once a week.

{ R E L A T I O N A L }
December 2016: Have an Elf-inspired date night while Luke is visiting. 1/2
January 2017: Start listening to one sermon a week and scheduling time to discuss again.

{ S O C I A L }
December 2016: Plan a gathering with friends. 2/2
January 2017: Call three of my long distance friends at least once.

{ M E N T A L }
December 2016: Read before bed 3 nights a week instead of watching TV. 0/2
January 2017: Read before bed 2 nights a week instead of watching TV.

{ P H Y S I C A L }
December 2016: Do 30 minutes of activity (according to my Fitbit) 3 days a week. 0/2
January 2017: Take Pure Barre/Platform 3 days a week.

{ P E R S O N A L }
December 2016: Only get Starbucks twice a week. 0/2
January 2017: Replace my chai and breakfast sandwich from Starbucks with tea and oatmeal from Trader Joe's.

{ P R O F E S S I O N A L }
December 2016: Change my attitude. 2/2
January 2017: Find balance.