Hannah Drake

Thanks Obama

CommentaryHannah Drake

The first time I ever voted, I voted for this ticket. I remember watching the results come in with my dorm neighbors my first year at CU. I was tasked with coloring our oversize US map after each state was declared. I gave up as it began to be apparent that Barack Obama would be elected the 44th President of the United States. (And because Texas probably killed my red marker.) I can't even describe the overwhelming sense of pride I felt that America believed their message of HOPE and I got to be part of it, during my first election at that. In 2012, I cast my ballot for this ticket again and watched with my mom late into the night to see them re-elected. Maybe it had lost some of the magic from 2008, but I was still proud and hopeful for another 4 years of this administration.

I voted for Barack Obama twice, but I also voted for Joe Biden twice. I voted for Michelle Obama and Jill Biden twice. I voted for the entire Obama Administration twice. I voted for their continued hope for the future of our country. I voted for their integrity. I voted for their humanity. I voted for their empathy. I will forever be grateful for so many things that the four of them accomplished together. Things that directly impact my life and things that might not effect me, but certainly make the world a better place. I'm proud to have voted for two men who repeatedly stood up and spoke out against sexual assault against women on college campuses, who made health care available to all Americans, who comforted grieving Americans, who fought for change and equality for all Americans, who speak for those who are oppressed and those who don't have a voice loud enough on their own.

I admire the way President Obama and Vice President Biden worked together. I admire the way they have loved their wives and families. I am admire the standard of integrity they set in the White House. I admire they way they persevered to bring positive change to the world, sometimes against all odds.

While I haven't agreed with everything they have said and done, I am proud that I helped elect these great Americans to office. I am sad that this day has come, but I am determined to remain hopeful for the country's future amidst my fear and doubt.

Thank you, President Obama. Thank you, Vice President Biden.

[Insert Biden finger guns here.]