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Autumn Remix Outfits 1-5

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Outfit 1: Gold JumperBrown CordsBrown Booties
I really wanted to wear my chambray shirt under the jumper today, but when I tried it on, it just didn't look right. This jumper is really loose and I think it looks best tucked in on the front, so it didn't pair well with a button down underneath. I probably should have gotten a size smaller, but I do really like how cozy it looks and feels. Still, I think I was most nervous about this outfit. Would it look too monochromatic or would it work? I think it worked!


Outfit 2: Chambray Button DownBurgundy Corduroy SkirtMauve LoafersBlanket Scarf (Similar)
The weather was pretty mild, so I didn't need a jacket, but I did wear black tights. I threw on this scarf as well, which I think tied toget her all the colors pretty nicely. Admittedly, it did get pretty toasty while I was walking around, so the scarf didn't last too long, but it's the thought that counts, right? 

Outfit 3: Taupe TunicBrown CordsMauve LoafersLeather Jacket
I was standing in front of my closet without any idea of what to wear. When I picked my 10 items, I also had a rough idea of the 10 outfits I would put together. But then I started to wonder if I had any plans for the tunic other than wearing it with the skirt. I have this tunic in three colors (white & olive) and I've only tried wearing any of them with jeans once before. I remember hating it. But I figured I'd give it a go and I ended up loving the color combination especially. I feel like the color of this tunic and the color of this loafers were just made for each other! Anyway, tucked in, it didn't look particularly bunchy and since I pulled out generously, it mostly just looked like a loose, flowy top. Perfect! I also threw on my leather jacket since we were headed out for the evening, but again, it wasn't a particularly chilly day.

Outfit 4: Chambray Button DownOlive Shirt DressBrown BootiesLeather Jacket, Gold Scarf
I wasn't sure how I could style this dress other than pairing it with both shoes I've included. But I decided it was perfectly cut to layer with a button down. I'm not sure if I love the look enough to wear it again, but it worked. Especially for a rather particularly chilly day. I wore it with black tights and threw on my jacket and my new favorite scarf before leaving the house. (By the way, this is the softest scarf I've ever owned and it comes in 8 colors perfect for fall.)

Outfit 5: Amber JumperBurgundy Corduroy SkirtBrown Booties, Camel Hat
Halfway through and the only thing I haven't worn yet is this brown jumper! I decided to go for a mostly monochromatic look with a pop of color in the skirt. I tucked it in in the front and left the rest loose to dress it down a bit, but still keep some shape. And of course I can't forget the black tights!