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Autumn Remix Outfits 6-10

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Outfit 6: Chambray Button DownAmber JumperBrown CordsBrown Booties
Since I couldn't layer my other jumper with my button down, this combo was a given. It works out perfectly to break up the brown so it's not a complete monochromatic look. What I've learned from this is that apparently I'm afraid of monochromatic fashion. Probably unless it's black.

Outfit 7: Taupe TunicBurgundy Corduroy SkirtMauve Loafers
Firstly, this isn't monochromatic, right? It's just similar shades and tones. Those are three distinct colors there, right? Anyway, this outfit was a given for me. I think I've worn this tunic with this skirt, or maybe this skirt with the same tunic in one of the other colors I have. Of course I paired it with my trusty black tights, but we've had warm enough weather that I didn't really need a jacket during the day.

Outfit 8: Chambray Button DownBrown CordsMauve Loafers, Bandana
As it comes to a close, my creativity is waning. Luckily I hadn't worn this top with these bottoms just by themselves, so it was an easy gimme. I wore this outfit in Wales actually, but with the brown booties. My OCD brain wanted 5 outfits with each pair of shoes, so here we are.

Outfit 9: Olive Shirt DressLeather JacketBrown Booties 
Another easy gimme outfit and thank goodness! I think this combo in some form or another has been a fall staple for me for years. It feels like a versatile outfit, somehow casual enough for the day and nice enough for the evening. I want to say something about the earthy, autumnal tones, but I think a lot of this challenge has been much of the same thanks to my taking to brown over black lately.

Outfit 10: Taupe TunicGold JumperMauve Loafers, Black Leggings
And just like that, I'm out of ideas. I realized that I had only worn this jumper once before, in my first outfit of the challenge. I had no idea how to wear it again, so I just threw it on over this tunic and some leggings. I know, I know, the leggings aren't part of this but they're kinda like tights, right? Anyway, this is kind of like a lounge-around-the-house-but-still-get-dressed outfit. Honestly, that's my go to a lot of days because I don't like when Luke comes home and I'm still in my PJ's like a bum. Honestly, I didn't care much for this look. It's too baggy to pull of with my shape and I probably wouldn't wear it out of the house, or ever again for that matter. But alas, here we are.