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Friday Five 10.27

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o n e | Autumn Baking | If you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm all about seasonal baking right now. My friend's mom brought over 3 cans of pumpkin for me at the end of September and then my mom brought over a few more during her visit. I think I've done more baking this fall than any previous fall. So far I've made pumpkin bread, pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pancakes, apple cider, and apple crisp. For Thanksgiving, I'm probably going to make a pumpkin cake or pumpkin cheesecake and a caramel apple pie. What have you been baking this fall? I'd love some more ideas!

t w o | The Royal Mews | I was in London earlier this week and met with a friend I know from volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival. We met up for a few hours and visited The Royal Mews and then got lunch. I posted about our time at the Mews on Instagram and most people said they had no idea it even existed. I think it's an overlooked tourist attraction in London, overshadowed by Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and all the other can't miss sights. But I highly recommend the Royal Mews, especially if you like horses, cars, or the history of the Royal Family. They have a few horses in the stables, a number of historical carriages, and even some of the Queen's car collection. It's only £10 to get in and if you get your ticket validated before you leave, you can return free for the next year. It takes about an hour to go through on the guided audio tour. So it's a small commitment, but jam-packed with history.

t h r e e | A Color Story | It's a photo editing app that I used to use all the time while I was running the Pure Barre Boulder Instagram account, but then I gave up on it in favor of VSCO. I've recently started using it again because of their seasons collection. There's one preset for each month and I've been obsessed with September and October. It highlights the warm temperature of the photos--yellows and oranges--which has been perfect for a lot of my photos lately of leaves, pumpkins, and all my fall jumpers.

f o u r | #MeToo | I've been following the Harvey Weinstein story closely. I love film and recognize a few production companies. Weinstein was a name I recognized. It was shocking to hear of these allegations and the stories have continued to come out through exposes, interviews, public statements, and op-eds. (Read Lupita Nyong'o's in the New York Times here.) Actress Alyssa Milano started the #MeToo campaign on Twitter recently and it has been very far reaching. More women in Hollywood have come forward to tell their stories about Harvey Weinstein and other men in the industry. Women in politics have come forward about their colleagues and women have come forward about Former President George H. W. Bush. (Of course let's not forget that over a dozen women have accused Donald Trump of similar behaviors, most of which came to light before the 2016 election.) What I find most important about this national--and global--conversation, is that people are saying "I believe you." I don't think this is a political issue and the way that it has been reported on because Weinstein was a major Democratic donor is wrong. This isn't about Barack Obama and certainly not about Hillary Clinton. What we should be focusing on is how we can break this cycle. How can we teach boys to be responsible for their own behavior and be respectful of others? We can't continue to victim blame and victim shame and certainly not participate in cover-ups. When someone comes forward about sexual harassment or sexual assault, we shouldn't ask "What were you wearing?" or imply they were asking for it. We should stop telling women that their bodies are more valuable than their voice. Luke said the other day that it was difficult to read the accounts his female friends were posting on social media. The sad truth is I can say #MeToo for more than one experience in my life. I wish I had spoken up before, but now I hope I can actively participate in the change that needs to come from this.

f i v e | Favorite Instagrammer Right Now | I recently got connected with @anne.herring on Instagram. It seems like Anne moved to Denver just as I moved away, otherwise I'm sure we would have gotten together for a drink in all the cool spots she's always visiting around town. She's got killer style, she'll show you how to make a killer drink, or even teach you how to make a killer fall wreath. What's not to love? She's a lifestyle 'grammer at it's finest and I basically love everything she posts. Just do yourself a favor and go follow her now.