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Autumn Remix

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I've now attempted the 10x10 remix both with Caroline of Un-fancy and Lee of Style Bee. in the spring and in the summer. I epically failed in the spring and did slightly better over the summer, so this time I'm trying again. I thought about throwing in the towel completely, but I'm really into fall fashion right now. I had a few other pieces in mind (mostly shoes), but I'm still waiting on the arrival of the rest of my belongings (hopefully that will ship from Colorado today), so I made do with what I have here already.

I'm really excited about this challenge because we have limited closet space in our house, so I'm working to downsize my wardrobe and create more of a capsule wardrobe. I also want to get in the habit of putting away seasonal clothes as the weather turns. This feels like a really great place to start for all of that.

I chose, as evident above:

  • 2 tops: chambray button down, blush tunic
  • 2 jumpers: amber jumper, gold jumper
  • 1 dress: olive shirt dress
  • 1 outer layer: leather jacket
  • 2 bottoms: brown cords, burgundy corduroy skirt
  • 2 shoes: brown booties, mauve loafers

Chambray Button DownThis is probably my best purchase from J.Crew, but I often steer clear of this shirt because it's so thick. It's hard to layer under sweaters and jackets. However, it's my favorite color of chambray and it's just a very well made top!

Taupe Tunic: I had a hard time choosing a second shirt. Almost all of my "fall tops" are button downs or a color I had already chosen for a different piece. I settled on this one to balance out the color palette ever so slightly.

Amber Jumper: I think I wore this sweater four times in the first week I bought it and probably even put it on and took it off thinking I was wearing it too much. In short, I love it. I'm normally really into a rounded hem because I think it's incredibly flattering, but it does make it difficult to layer button downs underneath since they have the same hem. I just don't get the look I'm going for.

Gold Jumper: I've shied away from this color in the past. I wasn't sure if I had the coloring for it, but I think I found the right shade of yellow to make it work. The girl in front of me at church one Sunday was wearing this exact sweater and it looked exactly like what I had been searching for, so I tapped her on the shoulder, asked where she got it, and went out and bought it the next day.

Olive Shirt Dress: This is really the only fall type dress I have here right now. (I have a long sleeve shift dress back in Colorado that I love too. Maybe some others I've already forgotten.) I layer it with vests, cardigans, and jackets, but I almost always wear it with black tights and booties. Maybe this challenge will help me be a bit more creative. Or maybe I'll chicken out. (Link takes you to a similar dress since mine is old.)

Leather Jacket: I've been reaching for this jacket a lot lately. I love everything about it. The color. The shape. The quilting detail. It's the perfect fall jacket and is even warm enough on the chillier days. (Link takes you to a similar jacket since mine is from 2 years ago.)

Brown Cords: What's more fall than these trousers?! I've been loving them lately and I've been trying to find different tops to pair them with. 

Burgundy Corduroy Skirt: I truly had a hard time coming up with my second pair of bottoms. I wanted a skirt, but didn't want to pick one of my two midi skirts that I've included in the past. I was hesitant to have both of the bottoms be cords, but I'm really into corduroy right now. What is it, 1997? (Link takes you to a suede skirt that is otherwise identical since mine is from last year.)

Brown Booties: These are my favorite booties right now. They're also the only pair I currently have in my possession and the only pair that keeps me shorter than Luke. I love them, even if they destroyed my feet last weekend in London. (Link takes you to similar booties since I bought mine last year in England.)

Mauve Loafers: Velvet is everywhere lately, isn't it? I'm nervous to get a bigger piece in velvet because I'm not entirely sure if that's my style or if it's a trend that will last longer than this season. Shoes seemed like a safe bet and I'm all about comfy flats with how much I walk these days. The best thing about velvet is that the color can trick your eyes. Sometimes they look super purple, other times they look like more of a neutral.

Hopefully I can find the time to photograph all 10 outfits this time around since that's the point! If not, at least I learned something in Photoshop to write this post!