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25 Days of Christmas Films

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Last year, I posted about the 25 Christmas movies on my watch-list. Once upon a time, we had ABC Family as an apparent cable fluke, and I officially got my first dose of cheesy Christmas movies. This year, I got into the Hallmark Channel Fall Harvest movies after Melissa, a blogger I've been following for years, posted about how great they are. I was able to find a few of them on Netflix UK and a few more on YouTube. Now I'm enjoying Hallmark's cheesy Christmas movies too.

This year I'm updating my list with a few more classic Christmas movies that I don't remember seeing in their entirety before, but that I definitely want to watch this year.

Arthur Christmas
I've actually never seen it! I remember when it came out in theaters, but I just never had time to go see it. It was on the other day when we were prepping for the big Thanksgiving dinner, but I wasn't really paying attention. I'm excited to watch it!

A Bad Moms Christmas
We saw this the other day and I loved it! I thought it was so funny! It combines how funny the first one is with Christmas plus three super funny moms' moms! I think I laughed so hard that Luke was embarrassed to be sitting by me. Ha! We took some ginger cookies and I got a peppermint hot chocolate at the Starbucks in the theater lobby. It's not my usual theater snack, but it was perfect for a Christmas movie!

A Christmas Story
It's a classic! I don't think a Christmas season passes without my dad referencing it and certainly not a winter passes without someone in my family referencing the scene where the little brother can't put his arms down in his coat!

Christmas Vacation
I almost forgot about this one because I only watched it for the first time in recent years. It seems to be a classic for a lot of people, but I do know some people who absolutely hate it. I think my mom is one. Still, there are so many quotable lines and other references that still have solid footing in today's pop culture!

Christmas with the Kranks
This is a take it or leave it movie for me, to be honest. I do enjoy it, but I don't really look forward to watching it. It's pretty funny and there's just something about hosting an annual fancy Christmas Eve party. Like that's serious Christmas Eve goals in my book!

Is it even possible to not love this movie?! It's my favorite Christmas movie and I usually kick off my Christmas movie journey with this movie on Thanksgiving Eve while making pies. I have an Elf shirt--two now, actually--and an elf mug. It's safe to say I'm obsessed.

The Family Stone
However many years later and I still can't get over the fact that my mom and sister went to see this in theaters without me! I love it so much! The cast is phenomenal individually and together and I just love it all. The chaos. The characters. The ending. It's just so great.

The Holiday
This is a super close second in terms of my favorite Christmas movies. It's slightly misleading because apparently snow on Christmas isn't all that common in England--at least where we live. But it's just so perfect. There's nothing else to be said about it!

Holiday in Handcuffs
Okay, this is my one cheesy movie on the list because I just love it so much. It's from ABC Family (now Freeform TV, for whatever reason) and it's as cheesy as cheesy can be. But the idea of being in a huge, cozy cabin with your family for a few days over Christmas sounds amazing! I'm still dreaming of the day when my family can rent a cabin near our favorite cross country ski location for Christmas!

Home Alone
I'm sure I saw this when I was a child. How could I have not, right? I just don't remember it, unfortunately. And I haven't seen it in recent years because I didn't really want to. This year, I can't ignore it anymore! This year, I'm watching it like you're supposed to do at Christmastime (apparently).

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Am I the only one who always sees the Whos in other roles as their Who character? It's hard to forget those noses! Anyway, it's a childhood classic and I still remember going to see it with my family in theaters. It's gotta be on the list.

I'll Be Home for Christmas
Oh, 90's teen TV stars at their finest. Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Biel. I think I stumbled upon this movie years ago on Netflix and I've watched it ever year since. If you have any nostalgia for your childhood, you gotta watch this movie.

It's A Wonderful Life
Somehow I've managed to have seen this movie without really seeing it. It's on TV every year of course, but I feel like I've only ever considered it background noise. I always get the references when other TV and movies do the It's A Wonderful Life thing (like One Tree Hill), but I really want to sit down and pay attention to it this time. After all, it's the Christmas movie!

Jack Frost
Another movie I found years ago on Netflix. Another movie that I'm pretty sure is no longer on Netflix. (Seriously, why don't they add seasonal movies at the right times of the year?!) Michael Keaton, in all of his 90's glory, dies in a car accident and comes back as a snowman to connect with his son. It's weird, but it was the 90's after all.

Jingle All the Way
This film came highly recommended from my sister. This one has Arnold Schwarzenegger in all of his 90's glory. He's trying to find the "it" gift of the year for his son for Christmas on Christmas Eve. Trouble (and hilarity) ensues. If you love Christmas and you love The Arnold, you'll love this movie.

Last Holiday
I went to see this movie with my mom in the cinema when it first came out. It's not really a Christmas movie in the most traditional sense, but it features Queen Latifah's character going to a beautiful hotel in a snowy Czech Republic over the holiday season when she finds out she's going to die from a brain tumor soon. The holidays take a bit of a backseat, if I remember correctly, or at least Christmas does, but she has a grand ole time eating wonderful food, doing winter sports, and more!

Love Actually
It's not humanly possible to have a list of Christmas films without Love Actually, right? It's just so good! No matter how many times I see it, there are scenes that still make me cry and scenes that still make me laugh out loud. I literally cannot go to Heathrow without thinking of the scene from that movie. When I picked up my mom a few weeks ago, we talked about how we could have been in the airport scene!

Miracle on 34th Street
I seem to have a foggy memory of watching it as a child. (The 90's version, anyway.) But I can't really remember it all too well. Since it's one of the few Christmas movies on Netflix (UK), it's definitely on my list. I know a lot of people, especially my age, who love this movie for the nostalgia of it, so I'll give it a shot and see if it can have the same effect on me as a 20-something. 

The Night Before
Seth Rogen. Anthony Mackie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Need I say more? I think this movie is probably the funniest movie on this list, but you definitely have to appreciate Seth Rogen's brand of humor. After I saw it in 2015, I bought one of their sweaters for an ugly Christmas sweater party I was going to and I put my Bitmoji in one of the other sweaters for the holiday season.

Office Christmas Party
I had such high hopes for this movie, but it wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be. Except for the end. One of the last scenes has one of the funniest movie lines of all time. Luke and I went to see it during our first Christmas together in Colorado last year and we still quote that one line all the time.

The Santa Clause
First things first, we all know this is the best of the Santa Clause trilogy. Secondly, I didn't realize how many Christmas films Tim Allen has done! Anyway, I'll never forget watching this movie as a kid and probably hoping my dad would somehow turn into Santa. Though I was also the kind of kid--when I was a bit older--who left threatening notes for Santa who was breaking into my house.

The Santa Clause 2
I don't remember the plot line of this movie very well, actually. But I do remember the North Pole vividly and how it looks in these films is usually what comes to mind. (Admittedly, Elf's version is up there as well.) Seeing this North Pole makes me want to drink hot chocolate more than anything.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
I'm not entirely sure if I've ever seen this movie, because I think I was exactly the wrong age for it when it came out. You know, when liking Christmas wasn't the cool thing. I know Martin Short plays Jack Frost, who I think is the villain? I'm not sure, so I definitely need a refresher this year.

A Very Murray Christmas
I have no idea why this was even made and honestly I didn't really like it that much the first time I saw it. But I remember enjoying the celebrity cameos. I don't know why, but I love nothing more than celebrity cameos in movies because it makes me feel like I know who's actually friends in real life. Miley Cyrus and Bill Murray, apparently.

White Christmas
Another Christmas classic! My mom and I watched this movie for the first time probably 2 years ago and it makes me think of cozy nights at home with warm soup, a hot fire, and decorating Christmas cookies. During the holiday season, nothing sounds better than that.

I've actually already watched a handful of Christmas movies. You know, the cheesy Hallmark and ABC Family type. I've also been ranking them on Twitter out of five Christmas trees. I've seen:

A Christmas Detour (Hallmark) 3/5 trees
A Christmas Prince (Netflix) 4/5 trees
Once Upon a Holiday (Hallmark) 2/5 trees
A Wish For Christmas (Hallmark) 3/5 trees
Snowglobe (ABC Family) 3/5 trees
Christmas Cupid (ABC Family) 1/5 trees
Best Christmas Party Ever (Hallmark) 2/5 trees
The Tree that Saved Christmas (Hallmark) 2/5 trees
Angel of Christmas (Hallmark) 5/5 trees
Coming Home for Christmas (Hallmark) 4/5 trees
With Love, Christmas (Hallmark) 4/5 trees

What are your favorite Christmas movies? Tell me in the comments below what I'm missing from my list!