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December 2017 Goals

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{ S P I R I T U A L }
November 2017: Invite someone to church.
I must have just been at a loss for anything else to focus on this month. I'm honestly not sure why I picked this, because inviting someone to church has always intimidated me. On top of that, pretty much everyone I know here right now is from church or Canvas. I have no idea who I even had in mind to invite! Must have just been a stranger on the street one day.
December 2017: Spend 30 minutes a week with my Bible.

{ F I N A N C I A L }
November 2017: Transfer or spend money from pre-paid cards.
When I first moved I couldn't open a bank account, so Luke set me up with a pre-paid card that worked exactly like a regular debit card. Now I have 25 pence left on it and no way to transfer it off. I think I'll send it enough for a return ticket on the train into town, use it for that to get a £0 balance, and then shut it down. The only one I have is a rebate from our internet. It has a bit more money on it, but again no way to transfer it off. I'm not sure what to do about it because it's unlikely something will be £12.81 exactly (and that I'll remember to use it in that moment), so I'm hoping I can split up the total between two cards to spend the rest of this money.
December 2017: Make a budget

{ R E L A T I O N A L }
November 2017: Have a phone-free date night.
We've been doing a marriage course that asks us to schedule in "marriage time" where we do put away distractions and focus on our time together. We schedule this time while we're at the course on Wednesday nights and then use that time to have dinner and do the homework. We were a little behind on the homework since we missed a week and had to catch up on the DVDs, but we did plan on an evening with no TV, no phones, just us and our feelings.
December 2017: Make Luke's birthday really special.

{ S O C I A L }
November 2017: Host Thanksgiving for some friends.
Mission: Accomplished. Read all about our Thanksgiving here.
December 2017: Host a craft night with some girl friends.

{ M E N T A L }
November 2017: Finish 1 book.
This is so frustrating and disappointing. Why can't I make time to read?! 
December 2017: Get back into my Bullet Journal.

{ P H Y S I C A L }
November 2017: Do Pure Barre On Demand three times before the subscription expires.
Close, but no cigar. My subscription expired on the 27th and I only did it once during the last month. I quite enjoyed it though and almost considered cancelling my cancellation. If I've learned anything in the last 6 months, though, I've learned that I just cannot do home fitness. No matter how well I do one week, it eventually drops off. I'd rather pay money to a gym and go to classes than to pay for a subscription and be on my own honor to work out.
December 2017: Research gym options.

{ P E R S O N A L }
November 2017: Eat paleo 2 days a week.
Not really, but I did get better about eating salads for lunch again. When I first moved, we either made exactly the right amount for dinner or made a little bit too much and overate. Now we're better at dividing what we cook into more manageable portions and having leftovers. Sometimes I'll keep them from myself, but a lot of times I'll send them to work with Luke so I can have a salad instead. We certainly need to be better about that, especially in the coming month when it's so easy to eat comfort foods and holiday treats.
December 2017: Pack a lunch at least 4 days a week.

{ P R O F E S S I O N A L }
November 2017: Polish my CV (résumé) so it's ready to go.
Funny story about that. I haven't updated my CV since my last full-time job. Since I worked at Pure Barre Boulder before I started managing, it was already on my CV as a part-time job. I copied & pasted the entry and updated the information with my most recent job title and duties. However, I forgot to change the dates, so it looks like I had 3 jobs at once and haven't worked in 2 years. As someone who used to hire people, I wouldn't even give a callback to someone who had a mistake on their CV. I get it. So it made sense that I was getting rejections for seasonal retail jobs. Anyway, when I noticed it, I was applying to another job that I tailored it to quite nicely. I ended up being told that I had "one of best CV [he's] seen in a while".
December 2017: Find my footing.