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Spring Remix: 10 Pieces, 10 Outfits, 10 Days

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I had every intention to do a winter remix before (maybe during) my February trip to England, but I just never got around to pulling the trigger. I plotted doing it with spring clothes instead, so I was ecstatic to see that Caroline of Un-fancy and Lee of Style Bee were remixing 10 pieces into 10 outfits over 10 days for spring! I figured I should join in. After all, the timing ensures light packing on my next trip to England!

I wear leggings every day to work, but I have a closet chock full of clothes I love. (And some I feel alright about and some I've forgotten about.) Lately, I've been thinking about what my style truly is and what I truly need in my closet. I've been guilty of reaching for the same outfit every time I wear "real clothes": a pair of jeans and a v-neck tee from Madewell that I probably have in a dozen colors. But 90% of the time, I'm ignoring 90% of my closet. When I stumbled upon Caroline's blog, I became fascinated with the idea of less is more when it comes to my closet and really want to take it to a new level with a capsule wardrobe. But baby steps, right?

So here's what you do: Pick 10 pieces from your closet and make 10 outfits from them over 10 days. Simple enough, right? (I have previously done Kendi Everyday's 30x30 challenge maybe 2.5 times, so this seemed quite manageable.

Caroline chose 3 tops, 1 dress, 1 outer layer, 3 bottoms, and 2 pairs of shoes for winter. I figured that was a good framework to start with and here's where that took me:

Since my revelation that I didn't love my everyday style (which conveniently came around the first time I saw La La Land and fell in love with Mia's style), I've invested in some new pieces and branched out from my usual. I tried to incorporate that into my remix selection and included a few new pieces that I'm completely obsessed with.

Here's a breakdown of everything I included and why:

White Blouse: I love this blouse! And it's one of the newer pieces in my closet. I really liked it in a chambray window pane print, but they didn't have my size and everyone needs a white blouse right? It'll be great to dress up or dress down.

Light Chambray Button Down: This seemed like a given when a quarter of my tops are button downs of sorts. The chambray is versatile and it's both light in color and lightweight, perfect for transitioning to spring.

Blush Tee: So yes, this ties in a bit of my old jeans-and-a-tee style, but including a tee seemed like a good choice when I was straining myself to come up with a more creative third top.

Jean Jacket: I went back and forth on including this piece because of the denim skirt and chambray button down. That's basically a third of my choices that are (blue) denim in some form or another. But I do really love this jacket and I'm up for the challenge!

Cami Dress: I love this dress. I love the print, I love the silhouette, I love the feel. I love everything about it. I love it so much that it's the dress I wore on my first date with Luke! I was sad to keep it locked up in my closet all winter and I've been itching to get it out again.

Green Jeans: I chose these jeans simply because they're not blue, but still a good springy color. I used to avoid colored jeans at all costs, but lately I've found myself gravitating more towards these and my burgundy pair more than my blue jeans.

Midi Skirt: Midi skirts are a new addition to my style and my closet. I recently got this and a pleated black midi skirt and have been wearing them on repeat ever since. I was a little bit more nervous to wear this one because it feels like a bit of a statement with the bow, but I love it nonetheless. (Although I may want to have it hemmed just a touch.)

Black Pixie Pants: Another new addition to my closet, I took a chance on pixie pants. I'm not entirely sure if they're right for my body type, but I'm willing to give it a go. I have a navy and a black pair, but I went with black (even though I photographed the navy) when I realized how much blue I already had.

Blush Oxfords: I welcome any day I can wear these shoes! They're comfortable, stylish, and durable. After I purchased them, I was worried they would rub my feet and be uncomfortable, but other than regular breaking in, they've been great and haven't bothered me!

Black Flats: A staple shoe in any closet. I had a tough time coming up with a second pair of shoes, so I chose these because of their simplicity and versatility.