Hannah Drake

Scars and All

Self CareHannah Drake

Before I was 6 months old, I had had two heart surgeries, leaving me with a scar on my back and a scar on my chest that only grew bigger as I grew bigger. For a long time, I vowed to have plastic surgery to revise the scar on my chest before my wedding day. I was convinced I wouldn't feel comfortable in a wedding dress with the scar visible--that it would be all anyone would see--and in my darkest moments, convinced I wouldn't even find a man who would love me because of my scars.

In recent years, the scars have faded and my hatred and shame has morphed into love and pride. I am blessed to have access to modern medicine and be so loved by a God who had bigger plans for me. Last night I tried on a beautiful dress that was everything I had envisioned and I didn't even noticed my scar peeking out from the neckline. I found a man who loves me and loves my heart, scars and all, and I cannot wait to be his wife.