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Friday Five 3.31

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o n e | Weddington Way | I'm not too far into wedding planning yet, but so far my favorite thing has been looking at bridesmaids dresses. Since Facebook knows everything about everyone these days, all of my ads have been wedding related, one way or another, which is how I found out about Weddington Way. I created an account (you need to before you can look around) and later created a showroom and added my bridesmaids. (You get a credit when you join and a credit when you refer your bridesmaids and they buy a dress.) The showroom is the best part! We can all add styles, like our favorites, and even comment on the dresses. They have our entire color palette and my hope is that each of my bridesmaids will pick a style and color that looks good on her and that she feels great wearing. You can order one free swatch, so I did and later ordered four more ($5 each) to see all the colors and fabrics we're considering. I got an email from a stylist the next morning offering to send me more free swatches, to which I replied thank you, but I had already ordered more. They refunded me almost immediately and the swatches were on their way! It's been a long time since I've had such a m a z i n g customer service, especially online. A few weeks ago, I found out they also have men's accessories so we might get Luke's and the groomsmen's ties from there to perfectly match the dresses! (Nope, not being paid to post, just really love my experience so far!)

t w o | Goodbye, Jimmy Fallon | I started watching The Tonight Show religiously when Jimmy Fallon took over. That Friday, Justin Timberlake made his first appearance on Jimmy's Tonight Show. I was hooked! During the election, Trump was on at the end of one week and Hillary was on the following Monday. I remember telling my mom that if I knew nothing about either candidate, I would have liked Trump a lot more than her, but I rolled my eyes when she launched into a lecture about how Jimmy was normalizing Trump and she just couldn't take it anymore. After I got back from England at the end of February, though, I just never tried to catch up. It was the first time since he took over that I had missed an episode. And you know what? I didn't really care. Yeah, I felt like he got a little harder on Trump and his inner circle after he was sworn in, but I think ultimately, it was too little too late. Other late night hosts, like Seth Meyers and even Jimmy Kimmel, have become increasingly tougher on Trump and obviously Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and John Oliver hold nothing back. I mean, there's a reason Fallon is the only one that booked Trump, right? I just can't be bothered to spend my time on that. I don't fault him for not wanting to be polarizing, but I'm not going to support his normalizing of a very not normal administration anymore. So sadly, I'm officially saying goodbye to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.

t h r e e | Allbirds | They've been called the most comfortable shoes and the best travel shoes. I had to get my hands on a pair. I want stylish shoes that are lightweight, easy to travel with, and comfortable to walk through new cities on cobblestone streets in. I think this is the answer. Allbirds is a conscious company that makes a great product. The wool runners are lightweight and breathable, stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold, wicks moisture, minimizes odor, are machine washable, and leaves a low carbon footprint. I'm excited to travel with these babies! Bring on a new adventure!

f o u r | Two Dots | I don't think I've ever been so obsessed with a phone game. At least not while I had a smartphone myself. (I remember obsessively playing Lego Harry Potter on an ex-boyfriend's iPhone 3 years ago. I wonder if that game is still around...) But Luke got me into this game and I was determined to get ahead of him. There are over 1,000 levels and they always keep it interesting. The nice thing about it is that it has to be in moderation since you only generate a life every 20 minutes and you only get up to 5 lives at a time. However, that turned out to be a real bummer when I was on a transatlantic flight and could only play every 20 minutes if I lost. Still, it's entertaining and only occasionally frustrating. The perfect game for a game-hater like me!

f i v e | Manicures | I've never been high maintenance. I feel like I'm the lowest of low maintenance. I don't have a standing appointment to get my hair done. I don't wear make up. And I get my nails done once in a blue moon. But of course I wanted a manicure before my trip to England in February, assuming Luke was going to pop the question. And now I've had it rebased twice. I originally had nude, then white, now pink. I think this will be my last one because it's an expensive habit to keep up, but it's been fun! (And it helps with people wanting to check out my left hand all the time!)