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Packing for England

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Remember last Friday when I posted about the Spring Remix? 10 pieces. 10 outfits. 10 days. I thought it would be perfect because I'd take just 10 pieces with me to England and pack like a freaking champ. But then I checked the weather and mid 50's just doesn't scream pastel colors, floral prints, and light layers to me. There was also the added complication that I don't wear "real" clothes (not leggings and a tank) every single day. I swear when I have gotten dressed in "real" clothes the last week, I've pulled from those 10 pieces since I still have them on a separate rack in my room. But I don't have anyone around to take my picture. So all that being said, I'll get to my 10 outfits, I'm not not gonna do it by April 21st like I had hoped.

So instead of worrying about incorporating those 10 pieces into what I'm packing for England (today!!!), I put together an 8 day wardrobe with more weather appropriate pieces and more of a muted, darker color palette which honestly just says British fashion to me.

Floral print blouse | Navy blouse | Light pink blouse | White button down | Light chambray button down | Mustard cardigan | Floral print shift dress | Green camp jacket | Jean jacket | Green jeans | Tan corduroys | Maroon corduroy skirt 


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