Hannah Drake

Project 3.65M: Weeks 1-4

Self CareHannah Drake

Last month, I posted about my goal to take 10,000 steps every day for a year. [Read about it here.] Why a year? it's 365 days before my wedding day. That feels SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and trackable. I use my FitBit to track my steps and a few tricks to help me get there every day.

So how did the first four weeks go?

It's easy for me to see when looking at the individual days that weekends have been the hardest for me and I attribute this to a number of things. I wake up later. I'm tired from the week. I'm less busy. Before I started this challenge, I would ignore the hourly reminders I have on my phone to get up and move and to be perfectly honest, it was pretty common that I wouldn't even break 5,000 steps on the weekend, when I can log that on a workday before noon on a good day!

Having the reminders go off on my phone every hour between 6:00AM and 6:00PM has also been great because I look at my phone enough that it gets me up and moving. I've also really gotten into the habit of parking as far away as possible whenever I drive somewhere, or taking a detour when walking somewhere to get more steps.

The craziest part of the first 4 weeks was when I went to see the Star Wars costume exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. I was in the exhibit for 3 hours and my FitBit said I didn't log 250 steps (my hourly goal) between 2:00PM and 3:00PM while I was in there. It boggles my mind!