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Friday Five 4.28

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o n e | Wedding Planning | We booked a venue! When I was in England earlier this month, we viewed two different venues, but absolutely fell in love with the first. The second one didn't have a shot compared to the first. When Luke asked me what I wanted in a venue I said "brick" and boy did we get brick! I'm obsessed with the space and it's exactly what I envisioned. Now that we have the venue booked, everything feels a bit more real, even if we had to push our wedding date back two months because our original (okay, third) date wasn't available. It's worth it!

t w o | Warwick Castle | Most of my trip across the pond was business, but we did find a bit of time for fun. We had a morning free of house viewings, so we made the short trip from Birmingham to Warwick Castle. We maybe spent 3 hours there, including a quick breakfast, but it was fun nonetheless. We did the dungeon tour, which was interesting. I was a bit freaked out because I hate stuff like that (think watered down haunted house), but the last stop on the tour proved fear worthy. Luke said I was so brave to look away. (Haha!) We toured the state rooms and walked around on the grounds a bit. Honestly, I was disappointed that this historical place was turned into an attraction. (It kind of reminded me of the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, CO.) But it's my understanding that a lot of old castles, manors, and the like are now open to the public in order to fund the upkeep of the place. Still, it was cool. And my first official English castle visit!

t h r e e | Prayer Journal Vol. 3 | Just earlier this week I started my third prayer journal. I've been keeping a daily prayer journal since March 1, 2015 when my prayer life felt particularly stagnate. I felt caught in this rut of praying for the exact same thing and, to be honest, it felt unhealthy. (Spoiler Alert: it was about a guy.) So I started a prayer journal. I wrote down at least one thing I was thankful for that day, one thing I was asking for that day, and one thing--or more often, person--I was praying for that day. Over the last two years, it has developed to be a bit more involved, but it has remained a wonderful discipline in my life and an incredible blessing. I love looking back through and seeing where God has shown up and even where God has told me no. Case in point: the guy I was asking for two years ago is so far out of the picture and God has instead blessed me with someone who is beyond my wildest dreams. 

f o u r | The Kennedys | I watched Jackie on the plane home. I always try to sleep over to England so I'm awake for the day, since I usually land around noon. I always try to stay awake on the way home so I can go to bed early, since I usually land in the evening. So I kept myself occupied with a variety of TV shows and movies on the way home, one of which was Jackie. I didn't particularly like it as I was watching it, but I read the IMBd trivia about it at the airport in Toronto and I was able to see it for what it was supposed to be. Ever since then, I feel like I've been reading about the Kennedys non-stop. What an amazing piece of American history and an incredible tragedy some of their lives have been. I don't know why, but I always thought JFK and Jackie were my parents' age, but I quickly discovered that I was missing a whole generation and they were in fact my grandparents' age. JFK would have been 100 this year. Anyway, very fascinating indeed.

f i v e | Saying Goodbye to Pure Barre | I'll write more on this later, but I'm officially in my last month at Pure Barre Boulder and I absolutely cannot believe it. The last few months have snuck up on me and I'm now down to my final four weeks behind the desk. This place has been like a home to me and quite often been somewhere I would have rather been than home! It's my happy place and I have my dream job at the studio. I'm so sad to be leaving the wonderful community that I've been so lucky to be a part of for nearly four years. It's so bittersweet because my upcoming departure has allowed me to see truly what a blessing all of the clients and staff have been for me over the years!