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Friday Five 5.26

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o n e | Bloody Mary Bar | I've always opted for mimosas with brunch over Bloodies. I had tried them a few times and never loved them. But recently, I've given them a second shot and I'm obsessed. I went to brunch with some Pure Barre gals and they had a Bloody Mary bar. It was life changing. I mean literally. Now I kind of want to get a whole Lucille Bluth thing going on so I can drink them all the time!

t w o | Engagement Shoot | Luke and I are doing engagement photos here in Colorado before I move. I feel a little silly since we did a mini shoot with the same photographer, Brianne Haagenson, earlier this year. I felt this urgency to book a session with her since we were unsure of our future plans, as in Luke coming back to Colorado, not us getting engaged. But we decided--okay, I convinced him--that we should do bigger shoot with her. I really want to capture Colorado in the summertime and break out a sundress (or two) for fun, colorful photos. Meanwhile, I blew up one of the photos (left) from our last shoot with her on a canvas at Walgreens. It turned out amazing and I can't wait to hang it up in our first house in a few months and start a gallery wall. Side note, Walgreens kills it with photo printing. I ordered the print at 5:50 the night before Mother's Day (along with the same photo printed on wood for my mom) and it was ready by 6:30. That means I can get my favorite from the next shoot printed before we leave!

t h r e e | Hot Lemon Water | One of my bosses just got her nutrition certification, so she sent me an eating plan for the week, which includes starting the day with hot lemon water to boost metabolism and get everything going. I started drinking it this week and it's been nice. I can't tell you how much it's physically changed me yet, but it is nice to get up and at 'em a little earlier, rather than rolling out of bed and heading straight out the door.

f o u r | Netflix Originals | It was a good month for Netflix Originals. Master of None came back on May 12th, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt came back on May 19th, and House of Cards comes back on May 30th. I think Master of None is a masterpiece. It's absolutely brilliant. I love the way Aziz incorporates some of his standup bits in, as well as tackling major issues in a way that isn't so much in your face. Plus, his chubby cousin Harris is all grown up and plays Dev's cousin in one episode, which made me want to revisit Aziz's standup specials, but after I catch up on some other shows. I've never loved Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but I watch it all the same. It's like when 30 Rock just became so outrageous toward the end, except this whole show is that way. I do enjoy the cameos though and Titus is pretty funny. I will always appreciate Tina Fey's subtle nods to current events and smart humor. Plus the crossover with another Netflix Original was amazing in a blink and you miss it kind of way! And of course, House of Cards, one of my two favorite current TV shows is back at the end of the month. So this week I started rewatching the first four seasons to refresh. (I'm on season two!) I also want to watch Dear White People (I saw the film at Sundance in 2014) and Tracy Morgan's new standup special. And The Crown!

f i v e | Funemployment | As of this afternoon, I'm officially unemployed. I don't think I've been without a job since 2009 before I started working as a temp at the University of Colorado. I'm not able to work until Luke and I get married, so I'll be unemployed for a bit after I move. We're considering it a blessing because I'll have ample time to adjust to my new normal in England. I'm now taking suggestions for hobbies to take up across the pond!