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Engagement Photos

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Ever since my sister's friend started her photography business, I knew I wanted her to photograph my wedding. But when Luke and I decided to get married in England, I wrote her off pretty quickly. Then my sister advised me to "just ask". What's the worst that could happen? The stars aligned that day and Brianne (of Brianne Haagenson Photography) is able to shoot our engagement photos and our wedding!

When it came to planning our engagement shoot, I knew I wanted to do something in Colorado. Firstly, that was the only way Brianne could do it unless we were doing them the day before our wedding. And secondly--and most importantly--I wanted to have beautiful photographs of us in Colorado. We may have met in England, but we had our first date, our first kiss, our first Christmas, and many more firsts in Colorado during Luke's visits. I also wanted to be able to take a piece of where I'm from with me to England and incorporate it into the home we'll build together.

We chose to do a picnic in our shoot because we had a picnic lunch during Luke's first visit to Colorado on our first little mini vacation. We drove up to Grand Lake for a few days and stopped for lunch on the shores of Lake Granby. It was probably my favorite part of that perfect day. I've since tossed the plates, napkins, and blankets that came with the picnic basket and replaced everything with these beautiful blue and white pieces. It makes the picnic basket a little heavier, but that's alright. My darling mother offered to ship us the picnic basket once we get settled because we'll "need things that are good for the soul." I can't wait to take a picnic to the English countryside!