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Friday Five 6.30

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o n e | iPhone 7 Plus | New country, new phone! I had an iPhone 6 in the States that I could have had unlocked and gotten a new SIM card for, but it was time for a change. My 6 was only 16GB because the guy at T-Mobile told me when I made the jump from Android to iPhone in October 2014 that I wouldn't ever need more than that unless I was downloading lots of music and videos. That resulted in me constantly deleting texts, photos, apps, and just about anything else I could find to free up space. My darling fiancé agreed that we could invest in a new phone for me when I switched from a US number to a UK number. So I opted for a better camera (the better to show you pictures from my new adventure, my dear) and more memory (the better to keep everything in one place, my dear). 

t w o | Save the Dates | We ordered our Save the Date postcards from Minted since they ship internationally and we got $10 off our first order. However, when they arrived at our new place and we excitedly tore into them, we discovered that the information on the back was incorrect. Instead of printing our details, they printed the information used in the online template. "I guess we just need to order a sticker to put over it?" I said trying to see the glass as half full. I unwrapped the stack of postcards to then discover that the information on the front was also incorrect. (Though interestingly, both Luke and May 2018 were correct on the front.) I was really frustrated because the stack comes with a sticker saying who prepared the order with a handwritten name. That to me seems like it's done for quality assurance purposes and so customers feel like there's a personal touch. So why wouldn't this employee catch the mistake and contact us? (The front said Luke and Amy are getting married May 18, 2018 in California and the back said Ben and Olivia are getting married on August 8, 2018 in Massachusetts.) I saw online Minted has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so I reached out to them via email that night. The next day, I got an email back from their customer service department saying they would reprint our order and send it out to us, all free of charge. Way to go, Minted! I highly recommend going through them for your stationary needs. We'll most likely be ordering our wedding invites through them later. 

t h r e e | Meal Planning | Since the move, I've started cooking more. Luke already cooks a lot, but I'm home most of the day and I have the time, so I've been trying to meal plan and to cook healthy meals for us. Recently, I made Buddha Bowls (quinoa with loads of colorful veggies) and pesto zoodles (which is just called courgette spaghetti, since they don't call it zucchini) with shrimp and mushrooms on my own. Meat (usually chicken or fish) and veggies has quickly become a go-to for us as well. Now I'm looking for more healthy recipes to cook. If you have any recommendations for meals, recipes, or food bloggers that I should check out, send them my way!

f o u r | UK Netflix | I was truly surprised to discover that my US Netflix account would still work in the UK, I just had a different selection of shows. A lot of my favorites (like Friends, Parks & Rec, The Office, 30 Rock) aren't available in England, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Big Bang Theory are! I got The Big Bang Theory on DVD from Netflix years ago, back when there were probably only 3 or 4 seasons and then tried to keep up with it on CBS.com, but I couldn't, so I just dropped it from my TV schedule. Netflix has the first 9 seasons right now, so I've started watching from the beginning. They also had Pretty Little Liars as a weekly show. That's right! The most recent season came on Netflix every Wednesday so I was able to finish the series since Hulu doesn't work in the UK. Of course the Netflix originals translate across the Atlantic, but I have yet to dive any deeper into the the rest of the selection. Strangely Netflix on my phone kept me in the US so I was able to watch Friends on my phone, but I haven't checked again since I got my new phone.

f i v e | New Hairstyles | Surprise, surprise! My hair doesn't agree with the humidity in England. Gone are the days when I can straighten my hair and it doesn't go back to it's natural wavy and frizzy state minutes after stepping outside. (Honestly, I'm not sure that I even need to step outside for it to get wavy!) If I want to wear my hair down, I have to check the forecast for the day and I most certainly have to curl it. Because I have nothing but time on my hands, I've been messing around with my hair a bit more than usual. Instead of opting for a pony or a messy bun, I've been trying to find different ways to wear my hair. I first attempted milkmaid braids, a style I've always loved but have never tried. I ran into a few problems, so I ended up wrapping the two braids at the base of my hairline. I tried again the next day and was at least satisfied enough with the results to wear it outside. I also tried a side braid one day and braiding the top of my hair into a high pony, which I liked a lot. So here are my two questions for you: 1) What products do you recommend to contain frizz? 2) Which YouTubers do you recommend for great and easy hair tutorials?