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Summer Remix: All 10 Outfits

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Remember back at the beginning of this challenge when I was confident I would do better than my attempt at the spring remix? Confident that I would create all 10 outfits? Confident that I would photograph all 10 outfits? Well, I got halfway there. I did wear the outfits. I did push myself to create outfits a little bit outside the box. (For me, anyway.) But I didn't photograph a single one. I didn't blog about a single one. I wasn't able to use my computer for 7 of the 10 days since I didn't have a working charger and a dead computer, but I wasn't really up for being on the other side of the camera either. So anyway, here are my 10 outfits and my sincerest apologies.

Outfit One: Navy Eyelet MidiMustard CardiganGold Sandals
Style Notes: This originally started as the most basic summer outfit--a dress and sandals, but I added the cardigan since it can get a bit chilly at church. I really like the way the jewel tones play off each other and it still made for an easy outfit.


Outfit Two: Black Floral BlouseBlack Midi SkirtGold Sandals
Style Notes: This is one of my favorite blouses and one of my favorite skirts, but I've never paired them together. I think the black-on-black intimidated me a little. I also opted for the sandals over the oxfords to dress it down just a little bit.

Outfit Three: White BlouseMaroon JeansBlush Oxfords
Style Notes: This is another one of my go-to blouses and it pairs with basically everything. Between the ruffle blouse and the oxfords, it really dressed up a simple pair of jeans.


Outfit Four: Navy Eyelet MidiBlue Button DownBlush Oxfords
Style Notes: This was maybe the most "outside the box" outfit the whole time. I tied the button down at the waistline of the dress to make it a little more weather appropriate. I decided on the oxfords since they compliment the collared button down quite well.


Outfit Five: Grey Tee, Maroon JeansGold Sandals
Style Notes: Easily my most casual outfit of the challenge! I've strayed away from my tee and jeans past, but it was a given with my options. Besides, it never hurts to go a little casual once in a while. Also, with this tee, I aways tuck in the front to make it more relaxed and less boxy.


Outfit Six: Blue Button DownBlack Midi SkirtBlush Oxfords
Style Notes: From most casual to least casual? Don't be fooled. I again knotted the button down in the front rather than tucking it in for a crisp, professional look. But I added the shoes to balance it out a little.

Outfit Seven: Black Floral BlouseMustard CardiganMaroon JeansBlush Oxfords
Style Notes: I love the combination of this blouse with this cardigan, but I usually pair it with my currently out-of-commission green jeans and complete the look with sandals. In the name of a challenge, I decided to try it with the red jeans and switch up the shoes as well.

Outfit Eight: Grey Tee, Black Midi SkirtGold Sandals
Style Notes: When I want to look a bit more sophisticated but don't want to commit 100%, this look is perfect. A tee and sandals dress really dresses down the full midi skirt quite a bit.

Outfit Nine: White BlouseBlack Midi SkirtBlush Oxfords
Style Notes: Somehow this outfit makes me feel French. I feel like a need a bicycle with a baguette in the basket or something! I have to wear it on the right day because I don't like it with a sweater, jacket, or tights, but sometimes those days are few and far between in England.

Outfit Ten: Blue Button DownMaroon JeansGold Sandals
Style Notes: I was a bit hesitant to wear this outfit because I normally avoid pairing blue and red unless it's the Fourth of July. But I figured given that given the colors are a bit off, it would be alright. I ended up liking the combination a bit more than I thought I would.

At this rate, who knows, maybe I'll even photograph myself in the outfits for the fall challenge!