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August 2017 Goals

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{ S P I R I T U A L }
July 2017: Schedule 30 minutes each morning for quiet time with God.
It should have been easy to get into this habit, but for some reason I really struggled to set aside that time--without distraction. I really want to try this again, but I've learned to never make the same "agreement" again after I've failed at it once before.
August 2017: Schedule 30 minutes twice a week for quiet time with God.

{ F I N A N C I A L }
June 2017: Make and stick to a budget.
 Luke, the money whiz that he is, whipped up a budget for us that allowed us to really figure out what we could afford while house hunting. It has been really useful to see exactly where all of our money is going each month.
August 2017: Don't buy anything new for the house.

{ R E L A T I O N A L }
July 2017: Set aside time each evening for each other without the TV on.
I'll be honest, I completely forgot that this was my goal this month. I think I assumed it was still find a permanent home (which we did!). Still, we have succeeded in having quality time together without the TV on almost every night over the last month, which is really just a happy routine we've stumbled into.
August 2017: Eat dinner at the table twice a week.

{ S O C I A L }
July 2017: Be more bold in creating space to make new friends.
I think when I wrote this goal I had something very clear in mind with that strange wording. Now I can't remember what it was. However, I have been more bold in exchanging numbers with new friends and I've been very blessed that Luke's social circle has welcomed me with open arms and a few have even reached out to me to hang out one-on-one. A friend from home recently reminded me of the importance of finding "Hannah in England" and not only "Hannah with Luke in England", which jolted me back into my search for hobbies (last month's goal), so I've been looking at taking up some classes, whether that be art, fitness, or something else.
August 2017: Have friends over for dinner once.

{ M E N T A L }
July 2017: Unplug for the first 30 minutes of the day, every day.
I've almost nailed this one. My main motivator behind this goal was to get me out of bed. If I immediately pick up my phone when I first wake up, I'll find myself climbing out of bed an hour--or two--later and feeling pretty crappy about it. If I don't touch my phone for the first 30 minutes, save turning off the alarm, I get up, make tea, and spend my time doing something else and something more worthwhile. (Though you'd have thought this could easily go hand-in-hand with spending 30 minutes a day with God.) I fell out of the routine a little toward the end of the month, so I want another run at it this month to solidify it as a part of my day.
August 2017: Unplug for the first 30 minutes of the day, every day.

{ P H Y S I C A L }
July 2017: Find a fitness class to join.
Well, does the fact that I subscribed to Pure Barre On Demand count? I was able to get in with the early bird rate early in July and I've done a couple of videos each week. (Even Luke joins me sometimes!) We've been doing some other at-home work outs like YouTube Yoga and a killer circuit I made up. However, there were two parts to this goal: to be active and to be social. So I'd still like to join something weekly, which should be a bit easier now that I know which neighborhood we'll be living in for the next year.
August 2017: Go for a walk twice a week.

{ P E R S O N A L }
July 2017: Follow a meal plan.
I gotta say, we CRUSHED IT with meal planning this month. Each week we sit down and discuss what we want for dinner over the next week. I have always been hesitant to meal plan because you never know what you'll be craving on a particular day. But what I've learned about that is you'll likely end up craving take out, fast food, or some other kind of junk instead of your "chicken or salmon" conundrum that you imagined yourself having. Since we've been meal planning, it's allowed me to find my stride in cooking, grocery shopping, and even the planning itself. (For example, what ingredients will we have leftover and how can we use them before they go bad?) I've found myself excited for dinner practically every night because I know what we're having and I know it's going to be delicious.
August 2017: Use my 30/30 app to focus on tasks at hand and be more productive through the day.

{ P R O F E S S I O N A L }
July 2017: Brainstorm blog ideas and begin drafting posts.
Nailed it. I have a few drafts started and some ideas jotted down. I spent about a week without my computer at all since my charger died which is of course when the ideas started flowing endlessly and I had no way to flush them out. It also meant that I didn't blog much at all last month.
August 2017: Post on the blog twice a week.