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Summer Remix: 10 Pieces, 10 Outfits, 10 Days

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In April, I dreamt of joining in on the spring 10x10 remix with Caroline of Un-fancy and Lee of Style Bee. I even wrote about how I wanted to do it in the winter, but I didn't get it together. I got a little further in the spring, but failed again. My favorite jeans got a whole in the crotch and I didn't have anyone to take photos for me, so I never finished.

Here I am, back again. This time, I'm on a new continent with new weather. This time, I have less to choose from between having given away much of my wardrobe before my move and still having some items packed both here in England and back in Colorado. I like to think I've been living from a capsule wardrobe since I moved, so this is just narrowing it a bit more.

Since the forecast for the next 10 days is grey, cloudy, and rainy, I've attempted to pick items that will both reflect the gloomy weather and do well in it. (But still trying to keep it a little summery.)

I chose:

  • 4 tops: white blouse, black floral blouse, blue button down, grey tee
  • 1 outer layer: mustard cardigan
  • 1 dress: navy eyelet midi
  • 2 bottoms: maroon jeans, black midi skirt
  • 2 shoes: blush oxfords, gold sandals

White Blouse: I love this blouse and I reach for it frequently! I wish I had been able to scoop it up in more prints and colors because I seriously wear it all the time.

Black Floral Blouse: Another blouse I love. Ever since I purchased it, it's made its mark in my rotation of tops. It's comfortable, flattering, great on it's own in warm weather, and pairs well with a cardigan or jacket.

Blue Button Down: Pardon my lack of ironing. I considered including my chambray button down, but chose this classic shirt instead. I've actually been wearing it a lot more than my chambray shirt since I moved, so why not include it?

Grey Tee: I like this boxy, slouchy tee. It's comfortable to wear, can be dressed up or down, and looks a little distressed, so that's cool. It's from Pickwick & Weller, which was apparently co-founded by Ashton Kutcher and closed after 1 year of business.

Mustard Cardigan: Twice I had the opportunity to buy it in more colors (blush, white, and navy were all available in the store), and twice I passed on it. I regret both times because I wear this all the time. It's the first yellow item I've kept and loved.

Navy Eyelet Midi: I can't get enough of fit and flare dresses right now. That combined with my obsession for midi skirts and dresses, this is perfect. Now I just need to stock up on more prints!

Maroon Jeans: I would have included my favorite green jeans, but I haven't repaired the tear yet. So here we are with maroon jeans in the summer.

Black Midi Skirt: See? Loving midi skirts. I started with a basic, but now I'm really itching to get a colorful floral print in my closet. This one will do just fine considering it's not going to feel much like summer for the next few days.

Blush Oxfords: I welcome any day I can wear these shoes! They're comfortable, stylish, and durable. After I purchased them, I was worried they would rub my feet and be uncomfortable, but other than regular breaking in, they've been great and haven't bothered me!

Gold Sandals: I bought this during the winter and almost completely forgot about them. Now they're my go-to sandal. I love that they slip on but aren't noisy like flip flops. Besides, gold is a neutral, right?