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Introducing Wedding Wednesday

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Is this the first time you've seen the "Wedding Wednesday" alliteration on a blog before? Nope. It probably won't be the last. Admittedly, posting about wedding planning on a Wednesday isn't much of an original idea. But hopefully I can offer a somewhat unique perspective into wedding planning, if only because weddings are incredibly personal. While many wedding traditions stand the test of time and wedding trends ebb and flow, every couple puts their own spin on things and I hope we'll do so as well.

So every other Wednesday I'll post about our wedding plans and perhaps a looming bimonthly deadline for a blog post will help keep us on track! Why start today? Well, we're getting married exactly nine months from today on 16 May 2018. We've already been engaged for six months now and it's f l o w n by! Wedding planning is starting to pick up momentum as our wedding date inches nearer and nearer and we've decided to schedule blocks of time devoted only to wedding and marriage planning. Yes, we are planning for the forever part that starts the day after too!

A few quick things about our wedding that won't get their own post. We're getting married 16 May 2018 outside of Birmingham in England, where we live. We chose the 16th of May because it's the day we met, in 2016. It's a Wednesday, which is a little inconvenient for our local guests, but it saved us a pretty penny! I'll talk more about why we chose England over the States (or a destination) when I talk about choosing our venue.

I decided early on I wanted our wedding to feel intimate and romantic and look classic and timeless. In hopes of bringing that aesthetic to life, I chose a soft color palette ranging from ivory to rose, with blush as the main focus. Luke agreed when we decided to anchor the softer, more feminine colors with hints of navy blue. 

As for more details of our wedding? You'll have to stay tuned! Please let me know in the comments if there's anything specific you'd like me to post about because I'm always happy to share!

I created the graphic using images from my wedding "vision board". Images can be found on the Instagram accounts of @the_mrs_box (ring boxes), @liagriffith (paper flowers), @jenny_sanders_ (stationary), @weddingtonway (dresses). I'm not affiliated in any way with any of these accounts or their business.