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It's no secret that I used to work at Pure Barre before I moved to England. I had access to unlimited classes, whenever I wanted. It was really nice to be able to be done with work and have already worked out by 1:30 in the afternoon every day. (On a perfect day.) When I first moved to England, I had no idea where I would work out or what I would do. England doesn't have Pure Barre (yet?) and I'm not interested in trying another barre style work out here because I know it won't be the same. I wasn't sure where we would end up living for about 2 months, so I didn't want to join a gym or buy classes at a place that wouldn't be easily accessible from where we ended up. So in the meantime, I've been working out at home. And I'll tell you right now, I've been really bad about consistency. I need to work on that. Here's what I've been doing:

Pure Barre On Demand

Shortly after I moved, Pure Barre launched their online streaming service. I decided to do it early enough to get the cheapest monthly subscription option. If I recall correctly, it was originally advertised as getting new videos up each week, but I can't see that that's been the case. (Or maybe they don't release an email announcing the video every time they add a new one?) Anyway, Luke and I have been doing some of the videos, mostly the old DVDs so we can still work out with Mish and Shalisa (my old bosses), and a few other familiar faces.

I've also FaceTimed into a class when my friend Brittany taught her last class earlier this summer. That was my favorite and I need to do that more often. The studio's early morning classes are perfect for an afternoon work out.

Yoga with Adriene

One day a few weeks ago, I just felt like doing yoga. Back in 2009 to 2010/2011, I used to do yoga two or three times a week. I loved it. I took the "Pilyoga" class at my local rec center, which blended yoga and Pilates. I stumbled upon free YouTube yoga videos with a hugely popular YouTuber, Yoga with Adriene. I've done a few of her videos and I really like them. Luke has also done a few with me, but yoga is more of a rest day kind of work out for him. Some of her videos, like this core & booty flow, even feel a little Pure Barre-esque to me.

Any other great YouTube Yogis I should check out?

The 100 Workout

I made this up one day and I'm struggling to come up with any sort of creative name for it. (Suggestions welcome!) It's simple and easy to do at home. I wish we had a set of free weights to use for some of the exercises. Start at 100, work your way down to 10, then go back up to 100. Your choice on doing 10 burpees twice. I choose not to because burpees come from the fiery pits of hell.

100 jumping jacks
90 second wall sit on tip toes
80 mountain climbers
70 heel touches
60 second forearm plank
50 lunges
40 squats
30 alternating side planks
20 push ups
10 burpees
20 tricep push ups
30 alternating side planks
40 squats with alternating knee lift
50 curtsey lunges
60 second straight arm plank
70 flutter kicksall
90 second wall sit on flat feet
100 figure skaters

It's harder than it looks, I can tell you that much. By the way, heel touches and flutter kicks are core exercises. YouTube it. I'm not even going to pretend to know how to explain exercises in writing.

Circuit Workouts

We recently discovered that the park near us has a small circuit workout set up. And I mean small. I'm used to those structures on nice trails in Colorado. Maybe a whole mile is lined with basic "machines" to do various exercises. Our park has five "machines", including a poor man's treadmill and a rusty, sticky elliptical. But it does have leg press, chest press, and some sort of twisty core thing. So we've decided to try to get out there maybe once a week and make use of the big loop around the park and the small circuit workout we can do.


My greatest English shame is how little I've been walking. I mean to say for exercise. I've probably mentioned once or twice that I walk places all the time now. The grocery store. The bank. Etc. Back in Colorado, I lived about a quarter of a mile off the greenway. Even after the 2013 floods, it still had miles of trails and great views. There have been a few stages of my life where I would walk 3-5 times a week on average. At one point, I could walk a faster mile than I could run one. (Yes, that's sad. I've never been a runner.) I really need to get back into walking. I'm not sure that there are any nearby trails. I mean, we live in a big city, but maybe I'm wrong. But there's a nice park we can drive to and can log plenty of steps in there.

What are some of your favorite at home (preferably free) workouts?