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Friday Five 9.29

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o n e | Headspace | This month, I decided to give meditation a try after a handful of my friends posted about their experience on Instagram within the space of a few days. Seemed to be obvious I had to give it a try! I downloaded the app Headspace and started to work it into my daily routine. I'm only about 2 weeks in, having completed the first Basics pack. It was 3 minutes a day and completely manageable. Having a guided meditation has also helped dispel some misconceptions about what meditation actually is. When I first started, I did it in the morning, but Luke has wanted to participate as well so we do it at night. We found a discounted annual pass with a free 30-day trial that we just started and have been doing the sleep meditation.

t w o | Lush Giveaway | I've teamed up with a few lovely ladies on Instagram to give away a $50 gift card to Lush. The giveaway is open internationally and it's super easy to enter. Make sure you throw your name in the hat because Lush has so many incredible, live-changing products. Bath bombs are just the tip of the iceberg!

t h r e e | Autumn Wardrobe | I know a lot of people have still been complaining about the weather, but here in England it's already chilly and rainy. And it has been since 31st of August! I'm LOVING it! I'm still waiting on a crate to arrive from the States that has more of my fall clothes, but luckily I have a lot of sweaters and plaids here and plenty of beautiful autumn colors. I've been on the hunt for the perfect fall sweater. I really want one in mustard or camel or burgundy. I found an amber one at Fatface that I love (here) and a new scarf in gold (here) that is probably the coziest scarf I've ever owned. But I think I'll still keep an eye out for another one in a warm fall tone. I've been loving army green, chambray, blanket scarves, and of course cognac booties. I just can't wait for the rest of my booties to get over here!

Similar Plaid Scarf | Similar Booties | Chambray Button Down | Bandana | Corduroy Trousers | Jeans | Olive Button Down | Cream Jumper

f o u r | Does Nothing Taste As Good As Skinny Feels? | I found this article through The Everygirl earlier this week and it really resonated with me. I had seen the Kate Moss quote "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" plastered across stick thin women all over social media, though mostly on Pinterest. That's always been a zinger to me. Like the woman in the article says, have you ever tried cheese? Though I would say bacon. Lately I've really struggled with my weight and been hyper aware that I'm currently the heaviest I've ever been in my life. I've been filled with shame about the number on the scale and what I've been eating, especially because I have a wedding coming up and while my dress fits my body right now, I keep telling myself this isn't how I want to look on my wedding day and in my wedding photos. In short, my inner dialogue has been overwhelming negative about my eating habits and my weight. Of course it's nice to know you're not alone. Now the question remains, what can we all do to change the focus on how women look and how much women weigh. That has to start from within, but how do we do that?

f i v e | Favorite Instagrammer Right Now | My favorite Instagrammer this month is @wanderforawhile. I've really gotten really into London Instagram accounts and she is one of my favorite. If you want to see all the beautiful little corners of London, check her out. She captures beautiful facades and colorful houses. There's not a flower box in front of a cafe she would miss! She's one of the accounts I check out before a trip to London to make note of new gems to discover in the city.