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Last week, I proclaimed my word of the year was LESS and that included less stuff. A few days later, one of the bloggers I follow on Instagram posted about her 5 Step Closet Edit. Since Luke had plans in London on Sunday, I made plans with my wardrobe for the afternoon.

I've been obsessed with the idea of a capsule wardrobe for months, but there's been something holding me back and keeping me from actually pulling the trigger. It's scary to commit to a limited number of items per season and I've got plenty of excuses on deck when I really start considering it. The main excuse: work wardrobe versus life wardrobe. I'm actually still trying to figure out how to dress for work--1.5 months in--and I'm using that as a crutch from limiting the number of pieces in my overall wardrobe.

So I haven't fully committed to a capsule wardrobe--YET, but living out of an actual wardrobe (versus the small walk-in closet I had back in the States) has already changed how I approach my wardrobe. Right now, I have a box full of summer-only clothes packed away, which I haven't done in, forever maybe. I always had the space to keep everything out and living in Colorado, you never know when you'd get hit with unusually warm days when it should be cold or unusually cool days when it should be hot. In terms of your wardrobe, it was always a transitional time! Here, the weather is more consistent, so I feel more comfortable packing away my floral prints, lightweight fabrics, and spaghetti straps. At least it's a start.

On Sunday I went through and purged colours that don't fit into the palette I want. If there's one thing I've learned about a capsule wardrobe, it's sticking to a colour palette. It makes it a lot easier to mix and match the items you already have if the colours generally go together. While I used to be one to gravitate toward bright, vibrant colours, unafraid to have every colour in the rainbow in my wardrobe (not to mention basically every print and pattern), in recent years, those loud pieces have been the easiest to part with when purging my closet. Having so many things happening in my closet made it really difficult to put outfits together and always made me feel like I have nothing to wear. Instead, I chose a few colours to try to stick to and got rid of (almost) everything else. Red and mint were the most prevalent colours to get the axe.

I tried to narrow it down to a palette that would work well together and make it easier to build a variety of outfits from limited pieces. I wanted colours that would compliment each other and enhance each other, as well as make me feel good. That's not to say these 6 colours are the only left now. Not all of my blue is navy, but I'm trying to stick to the same tones so there's not so much going on. 

Since moving to England, I've essentially revamped my jumper collection. I've gotten rid of the patterns and I'm not so concerned about having a jumper in every shade of the rainbow. If I find something I like, I don't feel obligated to buy it in every colour. I think I've mentioned before that women here seem to dress in more neutral, subdued shades, which works perfectly for the vibe I've been trying to create throughout my wardrobe even before I moved. So I found a good brown jumper, a good mustard jumper, a good burgundy jumper and I wear them all the time, occasionally still wearing my cream or grey jumpers as well.

At the end of the day on Sunday, it wasn't perfect. It was a capsule wardrobe by any means, but I think I'm ready to commit to that life by the end of 2018. Over the last 7 months, I haven't shopped just to shop and I've been more intentional about my purchases. I've almost mastered the one-in-one-out practice of getting rid of something when I buy something new.

Since it's only January and the year is still young, I want to set some goals for my wardrobe in 2018 that I hope will help me build to my ultimate goal for the year:

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Have you ever thought about minimising your wardrobe or trying a capsule wardrobe? If you have any tips, let me know in the comments.