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Why I'm Taking a Blogging Hiatus

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Yup. I'm doing it.

I realise no one is waiting with bated breath for my next post, but I have seen a recent increase in page views so I know at least my mom and dad are reading consistently. (Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!) So I wanted to at least give a head's up to anyone who does read to say, you won't be seeing me around these parts for the entire month of March. At least that's the plan for now.

My original intentions with this new blog were to keep in touch with friends and family back in the States after I moved and to document my new life with Luke in England. Lately I've been listening to podcasts and reading posts and articles about blogging and it's kind of opened my eyes more to what blogging can be and what my relationship with my blog can look like. I realised that it's okay to set goals for myself and for my blog without trying to become the next it-blogger. (Spoiler Alert: I'm not out here trying to get blog-famous, I promise.)

My blog has become one of my favourite hobbies and I really am committed to it and its future, which is why I've decided to take the month off. I've really been struggling in recent weeks to find my voice and focus, so taking time off seemed like the best solution. I'll have time to hone in on what I want this space to be, how I want it to look, and what things I want to post about instead of just spitting out crap content and being all over the place in the name of consistency.

Hopefully over the next month, I can accomplish the short-term goals I've set for myself on this space and I'll be back in April, ideally better than ever. If I'm not ready, I'll be honest with you now and tell you I'll be gone longer than a month. But I will be back. And I'm saying that without a conditional "in case you care" because you've read this far, so I'm pretty sure you do, even a little.

In the meantime, I've also decided to put more focus on my mailing list. It seems like a fun new platform to explore, where I can connect with people who actually signed up for me to talk to them. If you're interested in being a part of that group (which is great company since it includes--but is not limited to--my mom, my dad, and my husband, three of my favourite people), sign up below. I would also love it if you could shoot me a quick email (joy42hannah@gmail.com) or a DM on Instagram (@hannahlarson42) and tell me what kinds of things you want to see on my blog, whether or not you want to join my mailing list, or in my emails. I'm open to all feedback! 

I hope you have a lovely month ahead and I hope to see you back here in April. I'll also still be posting on Instagram, to be sure, so you can follow me there if you don't already.