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Five Joys | April

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One of my favourite bloggers and my elementary school friend, Kelsey, posted "5 Good Things" last month and I loved it! I loved reading five fell-good stories after, like she put it, a particularly blah January. I really wanted to do the same this month forward to remind myself that there is good in the world, even when so much of the news feels hard, heavy, and discouraging. After all, my blog is called Joy42, isn't it? So I'm borrowing this post idea from A Balancing Peach, who borrowed it from Kate La Vie.

I got teary-eyed reading about what this 21 year old single father's coworkers did for him when they found out he was walking 11 miles to work every day.

To be honest with you, I'm kind of jealous of these two women who planned to propose to each other at the exact same time, the exact same way. Luke and I always joke that we'll end up writing the exact same wedding vows to each other, so these two are serious #couplegoals.

Isn't it so beautiful when strangers are kind? I read this story about a stakeboarding park months ago, but it popped up again on my Facebook feed a few weeks ago and brought (happy) tears to my eyes once again.

How about this Buzzfeed article that proves there is hope for humanity?

When I first read the story about this boy who found his perfect cat, I couldn't believe it. It's such an incredible story and this boy is an inspiration.

Tell me something that has inspired you or brought you joy over the last month in the comments below.