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25 Perfect Summer Cocktails

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Putting in our bar cabinet last year basically created a self-fulfilling prophecy that we would become known for making cool cocktails when we’re hosting and cultivate quite a large collection of spirits and liqueurs.

Tip for Growing Your Home Bar: Add 1 bottle a month to your grocery list. Buy what's currently on sale. You'll quickly start a nice collection and be able to fill in the holes when making speciality drinks.

With summer coming up and hopefully many warm afternoons and evenings in the garden ahead, I’ve gather a list from across the web (read: Pinterest) of cocktails we should all add to our list to make this season. So instead of warming up with 25 Fall Cocktails, let’s cool off and daydream about being on holiday on a beach instead.


Rosé Spritzer from The Sweetest Occasion

Which one would you try first?