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A Sunday Well Spent

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I’ve been seeing more and more about how awful Sundays are and the so-called “Sunday Scaries”, but I don’t buy into any of that for a minute. Sundays are actually my favourite day of the week, especially Sunday evenings. Here are 4 things that I started doing on Sundays that change the way I view the day.


We meal plan every Sunday, but we never meal prep. Both of us enjoy cooking and we take turns throughout the week, sometimes cooking together. However, meal planning sets us up for the week so we know what we’re doing every night for dinner and don’t have to try to figure something out after work. It also gives us an opportunity to look over our schedules for the week and see what we have coming up either together or individually.

Now, with our new grocery store open, I really enjoy going to the store. It’s fun and it doesn’t take as long now that they have Smart Shop. (I’ll post more about this on Friday.)


We decided back in the spring that we would watch one episode of Game of Thrones every week since there wouldn’t be any new episodes in 2018. It put us on a schedule to finish mid-July, but we had to readjust and start doubling up when they announced that the new season starts the 14th of April. (!!!!!) It gives us something to look forward to every week and makes the day special even in a tiny way. Now I understand why all the best shows are on Sundays. It’s the best!


It’s sometimes part of our Sunday ritual, but not always. Last year as I was prepping for our wedding, my younger sister suggested I just get into a good moisturising routine. I decided to also look into face masks for the first time and went into LUSH to find one that would be right for my skin, but I’ve since switched to The Body Shop. Now, Sundays have become face mask nights and it honestly feels so good to take care of my skin for the first time in my life!

We also do a little foot spa with a hot Epsom salt soak to give our feet some TLC. Luke’s arches have been incredibly tight lately, so we’ve been doing joint 10 minute foot massages some evenings, but it’s also really good to open up his pores to get some essential oils deep in there!

Check out my DIY At Home Spa Night post for everything you need to make your Sunday evenings a relaxing #SelfCareSunday.


I have become fiercely protective of my Sunday nights. My preference is to be at home, in my PJs, with my husband after 18:00 on a Sunday. (And the earlier the better.) I found myself bailing on Sunday evening plans so I could spend the evening exactly how I wanted. I don’t really want to be that guy, so now I’ve learned to just not make plans on Sunday evenings at all because I know I won’t show up. Of course there will be a rare exception from time to time. But the point is spend your time on Sundays in a way that best serves you. Maybe it is to hang out with friends or family. Maybe you too just want to cuddle up on the couch for the evening. Just do what’s best for y o u.

And by the way, one great exception to my Sunday evening rule would be Game of Thrones. I watched two seasons with the same group of friends and absolutely loved it! (Sadly Game of Thrones is available in the UK at the exact same time it’s available in the US, which means most people watch it on Monday rather than stay up and start it at 2:00 in the morning.)

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