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I'm really excited about what's coming to my shop over the next few months, but especially today! I'm also excited about some changes you may have noticed at my shop. First, the URL. Instead of being at www.shopjoy42.com, I've moved my shop to www.joy42blog,com/shop. Why you ask? It's not as clear and succinct, but it allows for me to host my shop in the same place I host my blog. It makes it easier for me behind the scenes, and keeps you all in one place between my shop and blog. Hooray!

You may have noticed in my first two collections, I N S P I R E and L A U G H, the common denominator is my desire to bring positivity into your lives, homes, offices, etc. Whether it's to inspire you to be your best self or an attempt to make you laugh, the goal remains the same.

My third collection, B E, focuses on the same thing, but it's easily my favourite collection to date. Today I'm launching twelve new prints with a similar design and a simple concept. From the twelve you can choose from, you can hone in on your best qualities or traits you aspire to be and let my artwork serve as a daily reminder on your wall that you are those things.

You are BEAUTIFUL. Be beautiful.

You are BRAVE. Be brave.

You are CURIOUS. Be curious.

You are GRACEFUL. Be graceful.

You are HOPEFUL. Be hopeful.

You are HUMBLE. Be humble.

You are KIND. Be kind.

You are MIGHTY. Be mighty.

You are POSITIVE. Be positive.

You are PRAYERFUL. Be prayerful.

You are THOUGHTFUL. Be thoughtful.

You are YOU. Be you.

You might also notice these prints are at a higher price point than some of my past prints. That's because each of these designs was hand-painted and hand-lettered by me. While it took more work and more tries to get right, it was also really fun for me to create and try different watercolour techniques and letters. That being said, colour customisation is not available for these prints. However, if you would like a custom print, there is an option available in my shop that you can purchase and we can work together to bring your concept to life on the page.

All of these prints are now available in my shop, as well as the prints from my first two collections, including some updated designs, like CHANGE and LIMBO.