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Casa Alma in Vietri sul Mare

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I mentioned before that we chose to stay in Vietri sul Mare during our time on the Amalfi Coast. Early on in our planning process, we tossed around the idea of getting a nice hotel during one of our stops and strongly considered doing the fancy honeymoon while we were on the coast. As we started planning, we felt it just made more sense (especially financially) to get an Airbnb in one of the lesser known towns. Since we were planning on renting a car no matter what, it was really no problem at all. In the end, I found Casa Alma in Vietri sul Mare, which is part of number of different rooms run by the same family.


Being so high up made for some FANTASTIC views. We were wrapped in mountains on all sides and had a sweeping view of the ocean below. The views from the patio out front were unobstructed, and since it was so high up, we felt secluded.

The room was part of a bigger house with a number of rooms, think a motel with doors on the outside, but major B&B vibes. In fact, they might even operate as a B&B (called Casa Flora) outside of Airbnb but I’m not positive. It was a quiet space and we weren’t really aware of the other guests, except for when our immediate neighbours were sitting out on the shared patio. Each room seemed to have its own patio space as well and we definitely took advantage of that, especially for breakfast!

The room was big and really nice. The bed was so comfortable and massive. One night we actually brought in the glass tabletop from outside and put it on the bed so we could play Catan. Even with the table on there, we both could have slept on the bed still.

Despite the hills, it was really walkable to the the smaller village down below. We walked down there just about every day to get food at the little local shops. Most mornings, we actually had cheese, meat, olives, bread, and peaches for breakfast. Even though it’s not a typical breakfast, I loved it!

The land the house was on was so lovely. They had lemon and lime trees and a whole orchard off to the side with some other tables and chairs where the guests could hang out.


The parking situation wasn’t the best. We had to park off the main road, which sometimes proved difficult to find a spot. We had quite a hike to get up to the house, including a number of flights of stairs, so it wasn’t that easy when we had our bags when we were checking in and checking out.

We were slightly disappointed that there wasn’t a kitchen, but there were dishes and cutlery, glasses & mugs, a kettle, and some other things that made it easy for us to have some food, but not do any serious cooking. Of course that was our own fault for not booking somewhere with a full (or even mini) kitchen and then forgetting that we hadn’t. Whoops! It was also a bit weird only have a glass divider on one side of the toilet. It wasn’t exactly what we were used to, but it was fine in the end and we did get a peek into some of the other rooms while the doors were opened and noticed they were different than ours.


The day after our boat tour, we decided to take it easy and hang out at our Airbnb. We read, played Catan (which we took in a bag instead of in the big box) and other games, I even worked a little bit on my blog. It was nice to just chill out for a day after quite a few busy days exploring Italy.

That evening, we drove into the main town for dinner and found a great place with outdoor seating. We had to get our daily pizza in! Though, I ordered shrimp pasta that had the biggest shrimp I’ve ever seen, and we each had half of each. (Plus half a bottle of wine each.) An American couple sat down at the table right next to us and I so badly wanted to ask them which state they were from, but I chickened out.

Vietri sul Mare in particular is known for their ceramics so before and after dinner, we popped in and out of the ceramic shops, trying to decide what to buy as a souvenir. Everything was so gorgeous, but we had to be practical in terms of what we could pack in our suitcase with a low risk of breaking. Most shops in Vietri sul Mare and in fact all along the Amalfi Coast offer shipping, but we didn’t want to pay for it to get a bigger item. Although I would have loved some of those bigger pots for our future garden! In the end, we chose a honey drizzler that has a ceramic end with a painted bumblebee and a lemon ornament for our Christmas tree.

After dinner, we explored a little more of the town even though it was dark. Unfortunately we didn’t do a ton of research about the area and because it was dark, we couldn’t see much. But everything we did see was beautiful and charming. It was so much less crowded than the towns we had visited the day before, which was really nice.


We had breakfast at our Airbnb every morning we were there and just got groceries at the local shops on the main road below where we were staying. The shops were all cash-only, but had great fresh produce, fresh bread, and a variety of meat and cheese options.

The night we had dinner in town, we ate at Da Nando. Luke ordered a margherita pizza, of course, and I ordered shrimp scampi. We split a bottle of red wine.


I decided to include this section for any ladies planning a trip to Italy in the late summer or early autumn. You might remember from my boat tour post that I recommended light, breathable clothes and comfortable walking shoes. Vietri sul Mare is essentially the same, thought the main town isn’t quite as hilly as Positano, for instance, whereas it was hillier out near our Airbnb.


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