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Five Joys | June

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This month has been one for books when it comes to hard news, hasn't it? It seems like much of the news cycle was dominated by the separation of families taking place at the southern border of the United States as people flee their home countries, looking for asylum and a better life in the States. You would think it would be unfathomable to use children like a political bargaining chip like this, to take children--including infants--to "bathe" them without returning them to their parents, to lock children in literal cages. It's a horrifying policy, but it is not in fact a law and the current administration could stop this at any point. But it's also important to remember this is not the first time Americans have done such a despicable thing and we shouldn't forget our history of autocracies against Native Americans, Africans, and Japanese-Americans, among others. It's a tough pill to swallow, but sadly this isn't anything new. Regardless, it needs to stop and we need to keep talking about it until it does.

But that being said, there is still good in the world. There is still reason to believe in humanity and hope for our collective future. That's the point of this monthly post. I want to highlight good things I've heard or seen or read and share them with you so we're not constantly bogged down with bad news stories.

Earlier this month, I read about a World Cup goal-keeper who was faking injuries at sunset for a very specific reason. 

What started as a devastating story about one high school senior being ditched at Prom ended with a glimmer of hope that kids can be kind to one another.

Chris Pratt and the rest of the Parks & Rec gang clamouring for a reunion is the good news we ALL need right now.

I got a little choked up reading about the Disney Magic in this Buzzfeed article, if I'm being honest. Once a Disney cast member, always a Disney cast member, I suppose.

The story of this teenager helping a blind and deaf stranger communicate on a flight has gone viral and it's easy to see why.

What good news story have you read in the last month?