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Five Joys | July

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It's time, once again, for my favourite post of the month: Five Joys. In this post, I share five good-news stories that I've read or heard in the last month in an effort to try to counter some of constant bad-news stories that are just utterly exhausting to digest day in and day out.

A man has been called a hero after pushing a woman home in her 360 pound electric wheelchair after the battery died.

Two wild horses were separated when the government rounded up over 2,000 of them, but were able to reconnect 6 months later with a big surprise!

Did you hear about the three year old cancer survivor who served as a flower girl at her bone marrow donor's wedding?

First, Japan fans stayed after a World Cup match to help clean up the stadium. Then, the team left the locker room spotless and left a thank you note in Russian after their loss against Belguim, eliminating them from the tournament. Why can't all sports teams and fans be like Japan?

A man's car died the night before his first day at a new job, but instead of calling out, he started walking the 14 miles to the job during the night. This story is about humility, responsibility, and kindness.

For my last story, I wanted to share the story about the woman who live tweeted two strangers hitting it off on a flight after she and her boyfriend asked them to switch seats to sit together. However, the story turned sour when people tracked down the woman who clearly did not want the fame, leading her to delete her social media accounts. (I haven't read an update since.) It's a shame that people think they can do and say things to people on the internet with no consequences. I'll never understand thinking you have that right simply because you're hiding behind a computer screen. We've seen it in countless cases and it's always awful, no matter who the victim is. (To be clear, the woman who live tweeted the story didn't include their names or faces, but also encouraged her Instagram followers to seek the couple out.) In fact, just recently a former Bachelor contestant was bullied off Instagram when people started sending her messages hoping she'd die and be forever alone for speaking up about her feelings for a contestant on The Bachelorette. It's disgusting. Please just think about what you say to others and how you would feel if someone said those words to you. Please don't assume you know someone because you saw them on TV or even just follow them on social media. And please report people who leave abusive and threatening comments on anyone's account on any platform.