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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Decorate on a Budget

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For the next four weeks, I'll be sharing guest posts from some of my favourite bloggers & photographers and people I'm lucky enough to call friends.

First up, my friend Anne from The Home Handcrafted! Anne moved to Denver around the time I moved from Colorado. We found each other through Instagram and have been following each other for about a year. In July, we met for coffee at one of the cool spots she's always hanging out at in Denver. It was like sitting down with an old friend! She's constantly inspiring me when it comes to cocktail creations, home decorations, exploring Colorado (I miss it!), honesty about mental health and self care, and finding the coolest spots in town. Check out her blog for all of the above and more! 

Making your house feel like home can be expensive AF. But it doesn't have to be. It's tempting to go over budget to finish certain projects to achieve a sense of "completeness." However, in the long run, repurposing or repairing what you already have, will keep your bank account happy and reinforce more intentional spending habits. By not rushing the decor process and buying the first thing you see, you're giving yourself time. Time to figure out your style and time to figure out what purchases are worth the investment. Frugal decor doesn't necessarily mean "cheap" either. It just means you're decorating your space in a way that is upcycled, vintage and totally unique. Below are five tips for frugal decor. And, ultimately, a more intentional living space.


It's amazing what thrift and antique stores have hidden inside them. Be open to what you may find, but also expect to not find anything right away. Pro Tip: Check out thrift stores in neighborhoods different from your own. The chances of finding treasure increase when you get outside your comfort zone! Looking online is also a great option. Here are some of my favorite sites:

Everything But the House

*a little expensive, but great to peruse for inspiration


Try using a bar cart as your nightstand or an old bookshelf as a plant shelf for your balcony or patio. Moving pieces around your space and giving them new purpose not only saves you money, but can also help to infuse new energy into a space.


This one is tough for me. I tend to think of repairs as something I need to do for items that I no longer need. In some cases, that's true. There's only so much repairing a piece can take. But if it's a small scratch or a lose nail, fix it instead of replacing it. Some things just feel good to DIY.


Decorating is a marathon. Not a sprint. Sometimes, a time crunch leads to impulse buys that don't inspire joy and therefore, wasted money. Start with essentials like a place to eat, sit and sleep. Everything else can wait. Make sure you understand your space and your needs before you rush out to buy anything. When you force yourself to wait and look for the perfect quality piece, you'll end up loving it for the long haul instead of feeling temporary gratification.


It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint or a new knob can accomplish. Brighten up the walls in your space with a neutral color and change out the fixtures on all of your cabinets. Throw a hat up on the wall and use a garment rack to make your wardrobe feel beautiful. Paint a piece of furniture you're not in love with (or get rid of it if you really hate it). Little improvements like this are often affordable and can hold you over until you can do a larger renovation.

P.S. Flowers are always a good idea. Hello instant refresh. 

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