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Guest Post: 5 Easy Ways to Feel Grateful Every Day

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The last few weeks, I've be sharing guest posts from some of my favourite bloggers & photographers and people I'm lucky enough to call friends. And today is no different!

Today, I'm happy to introduce you to my friend Blythe from The Honey Print! (If you don't already know her, that is.) Blythe is an elementary school teacher in Nashville, Tennessee, but so much more than that. She's a fellow tea-drinker, like myself, a beautiful creative writer, a world traveler, and a talented blogger. This last summer, she took the most incredible trip to Spain and France, making me and all of her followers green with envy with ever photo she posted. On her lifestyle blog, she documents her travels, shows off her hometown, shares vulnerably about anxiety and gives tangible ways to practice self care. Check out her blog for all of the above and more! Blythe is the only one of the four guest post authors who I haven't met, but--um--can we change that soon? I need to visit Nashville anyway!

In the day-to-day of life, it can be so easy to mindlessly follow your routine, not really noticing the little details or bright spots that are there. Lately, I have been trying to be mindful of how I spend my time so that I do not fall into a rut or feel that each day is just a grind. I want so much to stay present and appreciate the everyday, and I am sharing some simple tools that I have been using to achieve just that:


I used to wake up and instantly turn to my phone, scrolling through emails and social media. Starting your day with a screen does not make for a very mindful day. Instead, I now just lie there, feeling comforted by the sheets and the soft light that creeps in between the blinds. I do not look at my phone until I am out of bed.


In the mornings, particularly, I never turn on the TV. Silence is calming and grounding. I like to sit and sip my tea and just chill before starting my day. This keeps my headspace clear and alert.


Whenever possible, I ask my colleagues how their days are going when I see them. More often than not, something is happening that they need to discuss. We usually end up having a good discussion, maybe problem solving together, and strengthening our relationship. When shopping at a bookstore, I try to ask someone who works there for recommendations. If I am in public, and something funny happens, I turn to someone nearby and laugh with them. Simply interacting with other people is what we are meant to do. We are social creatures, and I always gain something from these small, pleasant interactions.


Every day, I get outside, whether that is eating lunch at a picnic table or taking a walk in the park after work (and often, both!). To get the most of your time al fresco, leave your phone alone. Let yourself just be in nature. Feel the wind on your face and the sun on your back.


Let the last thing you see before going to sleep be a book. Reading is just so good for you. It reduces stress, improves your memory and focus, stimulates your mind, and calms you down. What better way to ensure a quality night of sleep and a great next day?

By doing these 5 things daily, I feel far more balanced and grounded. I have become more grateful for my life and the small joys that exist in it every single day. They are there; you just have to let yourself see them.

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