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Introducing Eggs

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So remember last week when I posted about the Ragnarok Family and I mentioned that Hela had been adopted? Well, we’re very pleased to share that she was adopted by us!

After we found out that the reserve on all three kittens had fallen through, we considered if we would want to keep any of the three kittens to become our Eggs. I think we always had a soft spot for Hela, but it became increasingly clear that she would be the one we would keep in the days that followed. We let Furbabies know and promised to continue fostering her brothers until they found their homes.

We officially adopted her on 16 August. Originally, we were going to adopted her when I took them in for their second round of vaccines on the 6th (my birthday!), but they asked us to hold off until later in the week when we dropped them off for what was supposed to be a week-long stay with another foster mom. We were excited to be able to adopt her on the 16th, which is a special date for us (we met, got engaged, and got married all on the 16th of different months), but even though our plans ended up changing, we actually forgot to adopt her when we picked all three up from the cattery after a weekend away. It worked out to get her on our special date! So all of that to say, she’s officially been our kitten for 10 days!

Of course she’s been living with us since she was about five weeks old, along with her two brothers and originally their mom. You can read all about that in last week’s post about the foster cats. In the two and a half months she’s been with us, though, we’ve developed such a special bond with her. Like I mentioned in last week’s post, she and I have a particularly special connection, though she does love Luke very much as well. But the fact that she sleeps curled up on my chest almost every night! I mean, it’s what I’ve always dreamed of from a cat! Here’s hoping she just doesn’t grow to be too big if she wants to keep that up.

We’ve known for quite some time that we wanted to get a puppy and a kitten as soon as we can, which was basically the moment we bought a house since our landlord wouldn’t allow pets. (Shhhh, don’t tell them five different cats have lived there in the last six months!) We were really hoping that we would be able to adopt one of the kittens we would foster to really get to know them, start a bond early, and be able to see them when they were so tiny. It was complete luck that we were able to keep one from this litter and we’ve taken full advantage of having extra time with her.

Despite what other people might think, we’ve been keen on training whichever cat we get and it was important to us to choose one that wasn’t stubborn enough to resist our attempts. Like I said last Monday, Thor is never one to turn down a treat, so he would probably be easily trained with food, but Eggs has also taken to it quite a bit. She knows her new name—and her brothers know when she’s called she’ll get a treat and they will too if they come as well—and she knows when we’re speaking to her. The vet recommended at their 12 week appointment that we get her comfortable in a collar as soon as possible, so we got her a little plaid collar with a bell. It took her a second to realise what was around her neck and there were a few failed attempts to play with it, but she’s really gotten used to it quickly.

We’ve also been harness training her since the 1st. We got her a mesh harness that covers her chest and back and I’ve been working with her two times a day if I’m home or once in the evenings if I’m at work to get comfortable in it. In the mornings, I put it on her and let her just hang out in it. Usually, she sleeps next to me in bed while I read. As she’s gotten more comfortable in it, she’s become more mobile on her own and been able to wear it for longer stretches. In the evenings, she does a short stint in the harness, something like 30 minutes at the most. This is when she needs to “work”. It’s easiest if Luke is home as well because we’ll sit on opposite sides of the living room and call her back and forth between us for treats. At first, she acting like Gilderoy Lockhart had magicked away all of her bones and she would become incredibly floppy. If she did walk, it was like she couldn’t control her back legs. She would almost slither across the floor, low to the ground. But as we worth with her, she’s getting more mobile. We try to play with her favourite toy, the mouse on the string, while she’s wearing the harness as well so she moves completely freely and normally in her usual parkour ways. We’ve also started attaching the lead to her harness for one or two treats so she can get used to it as well, but more intensive practice with the lead will come later when she’s totally comfortable in the harness.

My goal for her is to be able to walk on the lead, like a dog would. It’s completely possible, it will just take a lot more time than it would for a dog because it’s not quite as natural for them. Maybe she won’t ever get there, but for now, she’s making great progress to becoming an adventure cat. She won’t be allowed to come and go from the house as she pleases, but I would like her to be able to be outside in a controlled and safe way eventually. After all, she loves looking out the window. She could live in that world, not just watch it!

You can follow Eggs on Instagram and check out more of my Ode to Eggs on her foster kitten post.