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London In Bloom

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In May, I found about the Chelsea Flower Show that was taking place one week. I looked into going, but tickets were over £100 for the day. However, I messaged Kathryn, one of my favourite Instagrammers and she told me about Chelsea in Bloom. She told me there were plenty of floral displays around the city that were free to see, as they were part of the facades of shops around Belgravia and Chelsea. I decided on Monday to go on Thursday, which meant train tickets were also over £100, so I opted for the coach instead. It was a long day and I spent over 8 hours on the coach in total since we were delayed both ways, but it was well worth it. The flowers were beautiful and it was quite a lovely day. I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

When I came out of Hyde Park Corner station, I was greeted by a mounted police officer asking people to get out of the way. Since I was so close to Buckingham Palace, I figured I would stick around to see what was going on, only to discover it was the daily parade through Hyde Park as part of the Changing of the Queen's Guard. I was bummed that I missed it both days my family was in London, so it was cool to at least see this part. I couldn't help but wonder if any of those horses had been in the Royal Wedding processional the weekend before!