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Marriage Q&A with Luke

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A few weeks ago I asked my Instagram followers for some questions Luke and I could both answer in honour of Valentine’s Day (tomorrow). I got quite a few good ones, but we decided to start with these five as a part one of what might become a multi-part series. (I kind of split them up by category so don’t expect any kids or future plans type questions in this bunch.)


Luke: Hannah cares so much and always takes time to ensure that the smallest detail is considered. She plans to a fine detail including creating a schedule for getting things done whenever we plan to host others at our house.

Hannah: Luke is one of the most selfless people I know. It seems like he’s always offering to help people out one way or another. He’s a hard worker and frequently goes above and beyond. People take notice. Whether it’s people in his personal life or his coworkers, it seems like everyone knows that Luke is someone they can always count on.


Luke: Hannah has such a creative mind that she is always searching for and coming up with new ideas. Her writing, her calligraphy, new recipes (especially cocktails!) always impress me and is something that I am really envious of.

Hannah: Everything! Luke is an information sponge and always wants to learn as much as he can. He’s so great at doing the necessary research involved in being an adult and finding out important things (like when it comes to visas, travel, banking, finances, etc.). If I ask him a technical question, he’ll probably have an answer and three resources to check out within the hour. He’s also really great at designing and building stuff, but of course that’s to be expected as he’s an engineer. I’ve mentioned before that he’s built a lot of stuff for our house and after getting more tools for Christmas, he’s determined to do even more. I mean, he’s going to build a clock for crying out loud. A clock! Do you think I could make a clock? No.


Luke: I love the support that we are able to give each other to pursue our dreams. We talk about our future and encourage each other to make steps towards achieving our goals.

Hannah: For us especially, being married means being together every day. When we were living apart, some days it felt like the only time we would be together is if we got married, so it’s really nice to actually be at that stage. But truthfully, being together is my favourite thing about being married. We’ve both decided that being alone these days is often being alone together. Whether it’s watching a show or a movie in silence or sitting in the same room doing different things, it’s nice to just be alone together. I find I crave that time a lot more than I want to be alone-alone.


Luke: Our time spent as a long distance couple has made me really appreciate the art of patience. I wouldn’t ever want to go back to that time but I truly believe that it helped to build a strong foundation for us.

Hannah: This is so cliche, but Luke truly is my better half. He’s absolutely the move level-headed, grounded one in our relationship and I can always count on him to diffuse a situation, even if it’s just us debating politics while we’re cooking. He challenges me to take a breath, take a step back, and realise there are simply more important things in life than getting worked up about something out of my control.


Luke: My favourite memory is probably watching La La Land in Sweden. This moment I feel really encapsulates our relationship for a number of reasons: it was our first international trip together (there were Swedish subtitles), we’re both big movie fans, La La Land was a movie that we both went to the cinema to see at the same time previously despite being in two different continents (they were showing about 30 minutes apart but it still meant we were watching the same movie at the same time!), oh and a few hours before Hannah had agreed to marry me!

Hannah: I think it might be the first time we said I love you. We were staying at Devil’s Thumb Ranch for a few days during Luke’s first visit to the States and I had a feeling it was coming during that stay. Our first day in the mountains, we had a great day, complete with a lakeside picnic lunch, some drinks and card games at sunset, and a nice dinner at the lodge. By the time we finished dinner, I could tell the “I love you” was coming, but I was getting grumpier and grumpier by the minute because my stomach hurt so bad. I knew I could fix it simply by farting, but this was a brand new relationship and our first trip together. I wasn’t going to be the first one to fart! So instead I was just a grump the whole night while we watched Luke’s favourite movie, The Usual Suspects. He didn’t end up saying it because I was so cranky and completely ruining the mood, but I guess at least I didn’t ruin the mood for one second by farting. [Insert eye roll emoji here] The next afternoon, we were watching The Office—season 5, episode 14/15, to be exact—and I started to say something starting with “I…”. Apparently Luke thought I was going to say I love you first, so he jumped on it and nearly shouted it at me. (But in a fun, excited way, you know.) Of course I said it back right away and (much) later I came clean about why I was so grumpy the night before. I’m always reminded of that moment because that’s the episode of The Office when Michael roasts his coworkers with “boom, roasted” We say that all the time, so I’m frequently reminded of the first time he said I love you.

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions. Look out for a part two coming soon!

Header Photo by Brianne Haagenson Photography.