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Panasonic Lumix G7 Review

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This post has been a long time coming, but I wanted to wait until I was a bit more familiar with our camera before I wrote about it. Bear with me here because I'm still learning and not by any stretch of the imagination a camera or photography expert.

We got a Panasonic Lumix G7 just after Christmas (in a Boxing Day sale!) as a bit of a gift to ourselves. Our budget wasn't huge to begin with, so we definitely wanted to take advantage of a good sale. I knew I wanted a mirrorless camera, as opposed to a DSLR, and my first choice was a Fujifilm camera, but they were a bit out of our price range and Luke did some good research to decide on the Panasonic, which has great features.


My #1 reasoning for going with mirrorless was the size and weight. I had a used DSLR (a Nikon, I believe) that I regrettably sold before I moved. I never took the time to really learn how to use it off auto and it was big, heavy, and clunky. For the next six months, I got away with upgrading my iPhone (I see you Portrait Mode!), but I knew I wanted something with a higher quality and more features. For the purposes that we wanted a camera, I knew I wanted something smaller, lighter, and easier to carry around while travelling.

One area where mirrorless easily takes the cake over DSLR is continuous shooting. Our camera has 4K video, which we've used a few times. It came in handy playing in the snow and snapping photos of Illuminations at Disneyland Paris, to name a few instances. We haven't used it a ton, to be honest, but it's great for motion and I imagine it will come in handy when trying to capture any future kids we may have.


Panasonic, like Olympus, has a smaller Micro Four Thirds sensor format, which means the lenses, in addition to the body, are smaller and lighter. They also already have a wide variety of lenses available for our body. We currently only have the two kit lenses, but I have my eye on our next lens already.

I've found that Panasonic is incredibly user-friendly. I barely touched the manual, but I did watch a few videos on Skillshare about using a camera and taught myself. While my family was in town, I tried to fix the settings on my sister's camera, and I couldn't even get my bearings without having to look it up. I might be biased because I'm now fairly comfortable in my settings, but I think it's easy to figure out and easy to use.

Again, my first choice was Fuji but it was more expensive. And while I do love our camera, I don't know if I want to stick to Panasonic forever. I would love to get a DSLR eventually to use in addition to our mirrorless and I'm envious of people like my friend Pete who can use all of his gear interchangeably. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.


I love our camera! I think we made a fantastic choice for our price point. My favourite features, as I've already mentioned, include how compact and lightweight it is, the available lenses, 4K video, and the user-friendly operation. For what we use our camera for, it works really well and either of our lenses will do the trick for now. We both want to continue to grow our skills behind the camera and as I mentioned, I have my eye on a new lens (25 mm, f/1.7), but this body along with the kit lenses feel like a great place to start.