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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

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Black Friday is upon us, my friends! I’ve searched the internet to find some of the best sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for you. Check them out below!

Don’t forget about Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday, when you have the opportunity to support local businesses and invest in your community!

Alo Black Friday Sale

Get up to 70% off sale items and 30% off full price items. A portion of the proceeds will go to supporting Alo’s goal of bringing yoga to 2 million schoolkids.

Enjoy free global shipping.

Anthropologie Black Friday Sale

Get 30% off everything!

Amazon Instant Pot Black Friday Sale

Get huge savings on an Instant Pot on Amazon.

Amazon Kitchen Aid Mixer Black Friday Deal

Get huge savings on an Kitchen Aid Mixer on Amazon.

ASOS Black Friday Sale

Get 20% off sitewide, with 25% off clothes and accessories through November 27th.

Audible Black Friday Deal

New customers get 50% off the first 4 months of Audible, paying just $3.99/month, instead of the regular $7.99/month.

The Body Shop Black Friday Sale

40% off storewide and 25% off gift sets. Exclusions apply.

Use the code 19805 when you check out.

Gap Black Friday Sale

Get 40% off full priced items and take an additional 25% off sale items through November 24th. No exclusions.

Use the code BFGAP when you check out.

J.Crew Black Friday Sale

Get 50% off your entire purchase with the code TGIF.

Levi's Black Friday Sale

Get 40% off sitewide and free shipping through November 26th.

Use the code INDIGO when you check out.

Macy's Black Friday Sale

Get 20% off your purchase from November 25th through November 28th, plus enjoy free shipping when you spend $25.

Use the code CYBER when you check out.

Madewell Black Friday Sale

Take 25% off your purchase.

Use the code DEALWITHIT when you check out.

Minted Black Friday Sale

Get 20% off all artwork and home decor at Minted.

Get 15% off all other orders, including wedding invitations and holiday cards.

Use the code BF2018 on November 23rd only.

Nordstrom Black Friday Sale

Get up to 60% off sitewide through November 26th.

Untitled design (2).png

One day only, get 50% off your entire purchase. Plus 1000’s of styles from $5.

Oliver Bonas Black Friday Sale

Take 25% off selected items from today through November 26th.

Shopbop Black Friday Sale

Get up to 25% off full-priced items and up to 75% off sale items. The more you buy, the more you save.

Use the code MORE18 when you check out.

Topshop Black Friday Sale

UK shoppers can enjoy 50% off the entire store.

US shoppers will find selected lines 50% off

Shop through November 26th, enjoy free worldwide delivery, and stack it with a 10% student discount!

Urban Outfitters Black Friday Sale

BOGO 50% off the entire site today only.

West Elm Black Friday Sale

20% off your everything, including sale items.

Use the code FRIYAY when you check out.

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What to Pack for England in the Spring

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About six months ago, I wrote What to Pack for England in the Autumn, inspired by my mom who was curious about what to wear during that time of year. I know quite a few people who are planning to visit this spring--next week, in fact, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to again give some pointers to help blend in with the locals.

Of course, you always want to start with checking the weather (and continue doing so up until you leave). Just because England is portrayed as being grey and rainy all the time, that's definitely not true. Just a few weeks ago we had a beautiful heat wave of about four days of blue skies and seemingly unlimited sunshine. It happened to coincide with our weekend trip to London, which was so perfect. However, it was back to being a bit cloudier and a bit chillier on Monday. And now we're back to clear skies and sunshine for this bank holiday weekend.

Camisole | Tee | Button Down | Shirt Dress | Dress | Midi Skirt | Jeans | Cardigan | Jean Jacket | Moto Jacket | Rain Coat | Wellies | Sneakers | Flats | Scarf

From my experience, if you get about average weather, you can get buy with a pair of tights (to wear under skirts or dresses), jeans, and a light jacket (or two, to layer). You'll certainly want to pack your rain coat since it's unlikely you won't get any rain (or moisture) during your trip. And I'd recommend a pair of wellies--or walking shoes--if you're planning on taking walks through the countryside.

I think living in Colorado for 26 years prepared me well for England because dressing in layers is necessary, almost all year round. Choose pieces that you'll be able to layer--especially under your rain coat. During my first visit, two years ago this month, I got away with wearing only a canvas military-style jacket with a hood or a leather bomber jacket. On the coldest day, I just layered one under the other. I seem to live in a longer, thinner cardigan these days, and it's perfect for sunny days with a bit of a chill in the air, and easily goes under my rain coat. (Or my puffy coat which I'm sad to say I still haven't put away for the season yet.)

I recommend packing a pair of durable sneakers if you plan on doing a lot of exploring, especially by foot. I love Allbirds and can't imagine going to another travel shoe. I wore my yellow pair while we were in Berlin and have taken them to London a few times as well. My black pair served me well in Paris, even in the snow. They're made of wool and seem to regulate the temperature quite well because my feet stayed warm in snowy Paris and I haven't noticed them being overly hot on the warmer days, even with thin socks on. The best part is that after 15,000 or 20,000 steps, my feet don't hurt! When I get home, I just throw them in the wash and they're as good as new and ready for the next adventure. Seriously, get you a pair of these shoes! They come in so many colours now and they have men's and women's. I have two pairs of the Wool Runners and Luke just bought a pair of the Tree Runners.

The main thing is to stick true to your own style (obviously these picks reflect my own) and to wear what's comfortable and what you don't mind wearing all day, especially when it comes to foot wear. You may have your own philosophy on style versus comfort, but when travelling, prioritising comfort can literally save your trip. Trust me, I've been the Grumpy Gus who wanted to wear a cute outfit or cute shoes and was miserable from about lunchtime on.

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Closet Edit

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Last week, I proclaimed my word of the year was LESS and that included less stuff. A few days later, one of the bloggers I follow on Instagram posted about her 5 Step Closet Edit. Since Luke had plans in London on Sunday, I made plans with my wardrobe for the afternoon.

I've been obsessed with the idea of a capsule wardrobe for months, but there's been something holding me back and keeping me from actually pulling the trigger. It's scary to commit to a limited number of items per season and I've got plenty of excuses on deck when I really start considering it. The main excuse: work wardrobe versus life wardrobe. I'm actually still trying to figure out how to dress for work--1.5 months in--and I'm using that as a crutch from limiting the number of pieces in my overall wardrobe.

So I haven't fully committed to a capsule wardrobe--YET, but living out of an actual wardrobe (versus the small walk-in closet I had back in the States) has already changed how I approach my wardrobe. Right now, I have a box full of summer-only clothes packed away, which I haven't done in, forever maybe. I always had the space to keep everything out and living in Colorado, you never know when you'd get hit with unusually warm days when it should be cold or unusually cool days when it should be hot. In terms of your wardrobe, it was always a transitional time! Here, the weather is more consistent, so I feel more comfortable packing away my floral prints, lightweight fabrics, and spaghetti straps. At least it's a start.

On Sunday I went through and purged colours that don't fit into the palette I want. If there's one thing I've learned about a capsule wardrobe, it's sticking to a colour palette. It makes it a lot easier to mix and match the items you already have if the colours generally go together. While I used to be one to gravitate toward bright, vibrant colours, unafraid to have every colour in the rainbow in my wardrobe (not to mention basically every print and pattern), in recent years, those loud pieces have been the easiest to part with when purging my closet. Having so many things happening in my closet made it really difficult to put outfits together and always made me feel like I have nothing to wear. Instead, I chose a few colours to try to stick to and got rid of (almost) everything else. Red and mint were the most prevalent colours to get the axe.

I tried to narrow it down to a palette that would work well together and make it easier to build a variety of outfits from limited pieces. I wanted colours that would compliment each other and enhance each other, as well as make me feel good. That's not to say these 6 colours are the only left now. Not all of my blue is navy, but I'm trying to stick to the same tones so there's not so much going on. 

Since moving to England, I've essentially revamped my jumper collection. I've gotten rid of the patterns and I'm not so concerned about having a jumper in every shade of the rainbow. If I find something I like, I don't feel obligated to buy it in every colour. I think I've mentioned before that women here seem to dress in more neutral, subdued shades, which works perfectly for the vibe I've been trying to create throughout my wardrobe even before I moved. So I found a good brown jumper, a good mustard jumper, a good burgundy jumper and I wear them all the time, occasionally still wearing my cream or grey jumpers as well.

At the end of the day on Sunday, it wasn't perfect. It was a capsule wardrobe by any means, but I think I'm ready to commit to that life by the end of 2018. Over the last 7 months, I haven't shopped just to shop and I've been more intentional about my purchases. I've almost mastered the one-in-one-out practice of getting rid of something when I buy something new.

Since it's only January and the year is still young, I want to set some goals for my wardrobe in 2018 that I hope will help me build to my ultimate goal for the year:

For more about capsule wardrobes and the like, check out three of my favourite bloggers/Instagrammers:

Kelsey at A Balancing Peach | Lee at Style Bee | Caroline at Unfancy

Have you ever thought about minimising your wardrobe or trying a capsule wardrobe? If you have any tips, let me know in the comments.