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The Year of Alphabet Dates: D

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For our D date, we decided to scrap the activity altogether and just focus on food. I guess technically we did go out to dinner, which is a treat for us. (We cook at home almost every night and get take out every now and then. We rarely go out to dinner just the two of us unless it’s a special occasion.) But our D date was for dim sum.

I read the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy over Christmas and in early January (when we were dieting…ish). Those aren’t the best books to read while you’re on a diet because the food just sounds AMAZING. And because some of the story takes place in London, the book actually includes really specific London food recommendations. Ever since, I’ve wanted to go down to London for crispy duck, lobster noodles, and dim sum. While that would have been fun—and hopefully we will someday—we ended up just going out in Birmingham last Wednesday, our usual date night.

Neither of us really had any idea what we were in for—we assumed lots of steamed dumplings—so we just started ordered what sounded good. We got a steamed dim sum platter for two, a fried dim sum platter for two, and a few other things, including crispy pork belly and a duck steamed bun. Everything was SO good, but our favourite dumplings were definitely the ones with pork or prawns. (Others had veggies or beef.) The crispy pork belly and duck steamed bun were unbelievably delicious. We definitely should have gotten two of the duck. It was interesting to share. I mean, have you ever tried to share a taco with someone? It’s not easy.

It’s definitely something we’ll add into the rotation when we go out, which is usually special occasions. And one of these days, we will get down to London to try all that Crazy Rich Asian food. (I can’t recommend that trilogy more highly. Please read it!)


  • go on a double date

  • cook dinner (together) - Is cooking at home a rarity? Make it special! Do you not usually cook together? Oh boy, you’ll learn so much about each other and your relationship.

  • go out to dinner - Is this a special treat? Three words: TREAT YO SELVES.

  • go dancing

  • take a dance class

  • have a dapper date - Dress to the 9’s for something fancy or for something totally normal & casual if you’re up for the looks!

  • eat at Digbeth Dining Club - If you’re in Birmingham and the dates line up, it’s a great night out!

  • hit balls a driving range - Top Golf is insanely popular in the States.

  • play darts

  • try dining in the dark - Go to one of those restaurants that’s pitch black for dinner.

  • rent your dream car - Spend the day driving around in a car you probably won’t ever own.

  • watch Disney movies - Pick your favourites or one that you haven’t seen yet. (Can you believe I still haven’t seen Moana?)

  • go to Disneyland or Disney World - If it’s nearby or even if you just want a big adventure!

  • catch a double feature - I personally recommend making sure there’s at least a half hour in between the movies so you can stretch your legs and get something to eat other than popcorn.

  • donate blood - This is one of our usual dates. We donate blood together every quarter and since it’s in the city centre, we usually go to dinner, go to the cinema, or go to the mall after. (Just make sure you drink lots of water during the day and have a decent snack before you go if you’re planning to go to dinner after.)

  • go to the drive-in - A classic summer activity! What I wouldn’t do for a drive-in in the UK. Maybe they have them, I just haven’t looked very hard.

  • drive race cars

  • daydream - You could combine this with another activity or, more easily, a meal. Or you could just carve out some time to sit together and talk about your wildest dreams. Describe your dream house, your dream job, your dream car, your dream vacation. Talk about what your life might look like with kids or pets if you don’t have any or more if you do. (Or none if you just can’t get a minute of peace and quiet!)

  • go diamond shopping - If engagement is on the horizon, go try on some engagement rings. If you’re already married, that doesn’t mean you can’t shop for another diamond, right? (My younger sister and I visited Tiffany & Co. on Rodeo Drive one time and they let us try on massive diamonds even though we said we were just looking. They even sent us home with a little book about diamonds with a classic Tiffany blue cover.)

  • have a DC movie marathon - Watch DC movies, whether they’re from the current DCEU or old school Batman movies.

  • hang out at a dive bar

  • tackle a DIY project together - If you’re like us, you probably like brainstorming/designing/creating projects together. Our best creation yet was our bar cabinet. Set aside a day to do it together. You can even do cutesy things like put paint on the end of his nose. And for some reason I’m picturing a totally 90’s outfit of overalls and a flannel shirt, probably tied around your waist.


  • dim sum

  • dessert - Go out for dessert or make your favourites at home. Have dessert before dinner. Or if you really have a sweet tooth, do a dessert progressive date and just go all over town eating signature desserts at different restaurants.

  • doughnuts

  • D restaurants/bars - Does your favourite restaurant or bar start with a D? Or what about a spot you’ve been dying to try, but just haven’t found the time yet?


  • Denver, Colorado


Header Photo by Brianne Haagenson Photography.