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The Year of Alphabet Dates: G

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We were a bit stuck for what to do for our G date. We kicked around the idea of Ghetto Golf, but we went at the beginning of May with work, so we weren’t particularly excited about that. In the end, our G activity came to us a bit last minute.

A few weeks ago, our internet cut out on a Friday morning while I was home. They told Luke later that day that something was wrong with the telephone line or something like that, so we wouldn’t have internet for four working days. It made me embarrassingly grumpy at first, but it was actually so nice to go offline for the weekend, even though it was forced. I think by the end of the weekend, we had watched 2 episodes of a Netflix show when Luke tethered the Xbox to his phone, but otherwise, we talked more, we played games, we read books, we played with our foster kittens. It was actually so nice! I need to unplug—literally the router from the wall—more often.

On Friday night, I ordered Pandemic Legacy Season 1 on Amazon Prime. It was delivered Saturday afternoon and we spent the rest of the day playing the board game. We had previously played season 1 with our friends, but Luke started the game with them before I moved, so I wasn’t there for the first three “months”. (You play 12 months, but you might replay a month once if you lose the first time. You move on even if you lose the second time. Obviously you don’t have to play that month in that actual month.) If I remember correctly, we finished the game on New Years Day 2018, so it had been a while since we played that version, which was great because we had forgotten about some of the major plot points. We’re currently playing Pandemic Legacy Season 2 with the same couple. And there are rumours season 3 comes out later this year.

Legacy games are really fun. You’ll want to play with the same people and Pandemic is great as it’s 2-4 players. (We thought about getting a different legacy game for our date, but the other one I wanted—Risk—needed a minimum of three players.) The game will evolve as you play. You might uncover new information and you might destroy—yes, literally destroy—pieces of the game. You can really only play once, even if you don’t destroy the cards and remember where everything goes, since you also update the board with stickers as you go.

When are they going to make a Legacy Settlers of Catan?!

We absolutely crushed the game. We won all 12 months on the first attempt and in the end, only failed to do 2 things that would have gotten us a perfect game. No doubt we lucked when drawing cards a lot of the time, but the two characters we chose and the game end upgrades we added seemed to have been played flawlessly! And while we love playing with the other couple, it’s a lot more difficult to schedule a full day of marathon game play, so it was interesting to try it all in one sitting and not have to set up everything and relearn some of the rules each time.

Sadly we didn’t get too creative for G foods. Although I did invent what might be my new favourite snack: Ritz crackers, Brie, and a blackberry. Holy cow it’s delicious! And I don’t usually like Brie. I guess technically you could say we had greasy takeaway for dinner. Luke went out between games to pick up dinner from Rooster House, a super cheap (though not as cheap as it once was) fried chicken place in our neighbourhood. We usually bring it home, eat it with Chick-Fil-A sauce we bring back whenever we visit the States. I call it Chick-Faux-Le.


  • play games - Board games, card games, drinking games, all the games!

  • go off the grid - Maybe that just means get offline (unplug your wifi router for the day—or the weekend) or maybe that means heading out somewhere rustic and roughing it for a few days without the digital luxuries we all love.

  • race go-karts

  • play golf

  • go glamping - Maybe roughing it isn’t quite your style, but you still want to spend time in the great outdoors. There are a lot of cool glamping spots set up all over the place and you don’t even have to try to pitch your own tent.

  • do a gin tasting - If there’s gin distillery nearby, they might do tastings. Maybe a local bar does gin tastings or pairings. But you could set one up for yourselves, whether that’s at home or your favourite bar.

  • go to Ghetto Golf - It’s a Birmingham & Liverpool thing that’s basically black light mini golf inside.

  • have a Game of Thrones theme - Binge your favourite season or a handful of your favourite episodes. Eat and drink themed food.

  • build a gingerbread house - If it’s that time of year, why not?! Do it together or separately. Make a village or just a classic house. Start from scratch or use a kit.

  • try gardening - Whether you have a green thumb or not, spending the day gardening sounds pretty nice. (Okay, maybe more enjoyable if you’re good at it and know what you’re doing. Just do some research first.)

  • go geocaching - I only heard about this recently, but it sounds awesome. It sounds like a massive scavenger hunt using GPS. Check out the website for more information.

  • have a getaway - Go away together for a night or a weekend.

  • take a ghost tour

  • shop garage sales - Check Craigslist, local Facebook groups, or even your local newspaper and spend the morning shopping all the garage sales around town. You might end up with some pretty awesome new treasures.

  • do a genetics test - It’s not much of an actual date, but it would be something cool to do together.

  • go to the gym


  • Greek food/gyros

  • G restaurants/bars - Does your favourite restaurant or bar start with a G? Or what about a spot you’ve been dying to try, but just haven’t found the time yet?


  • Glasgow, Scotland

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