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Happy Hour with Welly Merck

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A while ago, our friend Pete suggested we buy one bottle of spirits a month to help grow our bar over time. It was genius! We decided to buy what's on offer each month, sometimes getting a few more things if we need it to make the cocktail we want, but it's been a really great way to get a decent collection and figure out which cocktails we like. Last month, we added a bar cabinet to our kitchen which has felt like the missing piece to one of the rooms in the house where we spend the most time, but I'll post more about that soon.

One of the drinks we've discovered we like is a gin & tonic. I thought I hated gin for the longest time, especially a gin & tonic, but our friend Adam proved me wrong. He's well-known throughout our friend group for his famous gin & tonic and recently taught me how to make it, which has become our go-to cocktail for our at-home happy hour ever since the weather has warmed up. Chances are, if the sun is shining on a weekend, we're out in our back garden playing Catan with a gin & tonic in hand.

And how do I know it's time for happy hour? Glad you asked! I've partnered up with Welly Merck to show you their beautiful watches. I generally where a FitBit, but had been considering getting a watch to wear when I'm more dressed up or for special occasions. It was perfect timing! I had a hard time choosing just one, but I knew I wanted a neutral band that would go with everything and a bigger face. I chose brown and rose gold to go with what I've been wearing lately and I truly could not be happier with my new watch! Welly Merck has graciously offered all of you, my lovely readers, 15% off your first purchase. Use the code HANNAHWM15 at check out to save!

So now that we know it's happy hour, let me show you how to make a gin & tonic, perfect for you to sip on at your summer BBQs, a quiet al fresco dinner in the sunshine, or your own at-home happy hour with friends. It's simple and oh so refreshing.

1.5 oz gin
0.5 oz elder flower cordial
tonic water

Start with ice in your glass. Add gin and elder flower (use more or less, depending on your preference). Top with tonic water and garnish with roughly chopped cucumbers.


All photos by Peter Horrox Photography.

Updated March 2019.