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What to Pack for England in the Summer

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I’ve previously written What to Pack for England in the Autumn and What to Pack for England in the Spring, so this year I’m tackling summer and winter.

My first advice is to check the weather, of course. While stereotypical season weather is a bit more dependable in England than, say, Colorado, you still never know what you’ll get! I feel like it goes without saying that you check the weather before you pack, but don’t forget to continue to do so up until you zip up your suitcase for the last time to head to the airport.

I’ve been here two summers already and most people will say that those two summers were unseasonably warm. Last July we had an absolutely scorching heatwave that completely killed our grass. But I really enjoy late August when the days are cooler and rainy in the mornings. (Especially if I don’t have anywhere to go.)

So here are some packing ideas to help you blend in with the locals, dress seasonally appropriate, and be fully prepared for your trip to England. (Keep in mind that Wales will probably have similar weather to England, but further north in England, Scotland, and likely Northern Ireland will be a bit more chilly no matter the time of year.) This time, I also tried to make a few more sustainable choices than usual as I’m moving that direction in my personal wardrobe.

Wool Fedora | Linen Button Down | Cotton Tee | Chambray Button Down | Picnic Dress | Long Weekend Dress | Relaxed Chinos | Shorts | Skirt | Sneakers | Sandals | Denim Jacket | Raincoat

If you’re planning on doing a lot of city walking, this is a great place to start packing. Of course if you’re planning on doing more country walking or more specific activities, you’ll know what to bring for that. I always recommend comfortable shoes and I firmly believe you can’t go wrong with a pair of Allbirds. If you want sandals as well, Birkenstocks are a great option. Whatever you choose, you need a firm sole because there are a lot of cobblestone roads around the UK.

Otherwise you want to pick a wardrobe that will keep you cool when you’re walking around and give you the ability to layer if it starts raining or in the evenings. I have this raincoat actually and I love it for the summer. It’s not going to make you any more warm, but it will certainly keep you dry and it rolls up really nicely to fit in your bag.


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